Monday, December 05, 2016
 What kind of accountant are you?
And what kind of accountant do you want to be?
If your answers to those questions aren’t identical, here’s another one – what are you going to do about it?
There’s nothing wrong with being reliable, trustworthy and honest (that’s the least your clients expect from you) but what if you could be reliable, trustworthy and honest and also incredibly proactive for your clients?
If you could proactively save them more tax, proactively help to grow their businesses, proactively help them achieve their business goals?
And, in the process, increase your GRF and profits, gain loyal clients and more referrals, and, crucially, enjoy your work more than ever before?   
(Book onto one of our Proactivity seminars to start being more proactive right away)
Some accountants are already doing just that …
"We signed up £250,000 in extra fees in 10 months"
Peter Atkinson FCA, Atkinsons, York
"To cut a long story short, we added £200,000 to our turnover"
Warren McCleary, Lurgan, NI 
... and they’re all AVN accountants
AVN is committed to making the UK’s owner-managed accountancy firms the most successful and enjoyable to run in the world. All over the UK, hundreds of accountants are using AVN resources, tools and support to help them become more successful, more profitable and enjoy what they do much, much more.
When you join AVN you get …
  • unique tools and resources (that position you as a different kind of accountant)
  • hands-on software training (we’ll come to you)
  • knowledge and how to use it (our training courses can make you more profitable)
  • access to some of the UK’s foremost tax experts (so you earn more from your tax services)
  • new ways to help your clients through our commercial opportunities partners (and often earn payaways in the process)
  • proactive support and one-to-one coaching (so you don’t have to do it on your own)
And as a result …
  • you do so much more for your clients, not just their accounts (and earn more GRF and profits)
  • you proactively help to grow your clients’ businesses (and gain client loyalty and new clients)
  • you have time to work on your own business, not just in it (and you enjoy work more than ever before)
To find out more about becoming an AVN member, request an AVN information pack on the right.
(Book onto one of our Proactivity seminars to start being more proactive right away)
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