Awards – Why Bother?

I was asked recently why we win awards and the simple answer was because we enter them. So if you’re sitting on the sidelines here are 3 very good promotional reasons to make 2018 the year you enter awards and a there is a bonus 4th…

Reason 1: Media Proof

Industry awards allow you to be acknowledged by your industry. It’s important to raise your profile and awards allow you to do this in a few ways with the media from: Press Releases with the possibility to be published or broadcast and get a wider reach with their readership, listeners or viewers; with producers, journalists and researchers as you are now on their radar even if they don’t react the first, second or third time so keep at it.

Reason 2: Peer Proof 

Your peers recognise you as an industry expert and the judges independently endorse this proof. Obviously this is most applicable when you’re shortlisted, a finalists and a winner. This then allows you to raise your profile with the media as one of the experts in your field thus supporting reason 1.

Reason 3: Social Proof

Clients as you know when you help them they just love it and are more open to give you testimonials so make sure you ask for them. These can then be shared with other clients in many ways and everyone one in social media. Typically when you win or are a finalist your chance to share in social media is invaluable as well as getting lots of likes often with FaceBook they encourage you to share and increase your reach with their promotional offers and the opportunity for more to follow you and get to know, like, trust.

AND the Big Bonus?

Reason 4: Progressive Proof

We’re members of AVN Inspiring Accountants and the 2020 innovation Group so by being proactive in what they offer we naturally call ourselves innovative, inspirational and progressive accountants and business advisors. By being members of both we can punch above our weight by getting access to some excellent CPD for the team, use some innovative tools, techniques and systems to streamline our operation and future proof our firm as attending the conferences allows us to get the vibe of the moment, be more inspired and innovative from learning from others; pat ourselves on the back for a good job well done; and look to 2018 with a refreshed horizon on how we can improve ourselves to make the clients love us more by helping them be more successful.

So best advice? Become a member of both and enter the awards to get the opportunity to mix with other members and peers and learn more quickly what others are doing to keep ahead of the game and punch above your weight!

AND you’ll find it is so much more fun when you get out more ;-))


Gerry Murray 

Marketing Director

Murray Associates Accountants

Article Source: James Miller