Month: January 2019

Patrick McLoughlin

Shane is an incredible speaker. He always delivers powerful insights that connect with the audience. He’s got a great style: relaxed and comfortable, yet immediately engaging. Even when he is covering complex subjects, he gets the message across so simply. Unlike so many speakers, he doesn’t just entertain you, he inspires you to sit up [...]
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Andrew Miller

I have had the pleasure of seeing Shane speak on a number of occasions to a variety of different audiences and he never fails to get the reaction he desires out of them. A wonderful balance of humour, pathos, energy and purpose, Shane uses a mix of latest technology to basic emotional connection in order [...]
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Steve Pipe

As a professional speaker Shane brilliantly combines world-class content with a down-to-earth speaking style. He never fails to impress with real-world proven practicality and outstandingly valuable takeaways. He is the only speaker I have ever seen regularly reduce audiences of senior accountants to tears (deliberately and purposefully) with the profoundly important insights he has shared [...]
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