3 pricing mistakes accountants make

How many pricing mistakes are you guilty of?

Getting it right is hard, isn’t it? How do you know if you’re charging too much? Or too little?

Over and over again, I see accountants making the same mistakes; mistakes that lead to them earning less than they could be and being busier than they should be.

Because when your clients aren’t profitable you need more of them just to pay the bills. And that leaves you with no time to focus on getting the right kind of clients who will happily pay you more and value you more.

So if you keep on getting your pricing wrong, you’ll be stuck in that low profit/high workload cycle for ever.

In this video I show you 3 of the most common mistakes (there are loads more!) and how to stop making them. And once you stop, your profits go up, your working hours come down and life becomes just that bit easier.

Here’s the link I mention in the video – www.avn.co.uk/masterclass

If you want even more ideas and insights for your accountancy practice I recommend you take a look.



Image by StockSnap from Pixabay