About you – are we a fit?

With many years of experience behind us, we know that AVN can’t help everyone.

If you want to work with us and achieve the great results so many other accountants have achieved, your mindset has to be right. Everything else – how long you’ve been in practice, how many clients you have, your location etc. – is mostly irrelevant.

We’re A Match Made In Heaven

This is the mindset we’re looking for before we agree to work with you.

  1. You see change and improvement as stepping stones to success.
  2. You are committed to continual personal and professional growth.
  3. You have the aptitude for making strategic shifts in your accounting business.
  4. You value openness and honesty over ego when addressing challenges.
  5. You take ownership of your business’s current state, avoiding the blame game.
  6. You’re poised to tackle issues head-on rather than adopting a victim mindset.
  7. You’re receptive to guidance and coaching.
  8. You harbour a strong desire for enhancing your practice.
  9. You aim to enrich the lives of your clients through your services.
  10. You’re driven to amplify the impact you make in your field.

Does that sound like you? Let’s talk!

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This Isn’t Going To Work:

This is the mindset that we know simply won’t get the results you want.

  1. You view change and improvement as optional or burdensome.
  2. You hesitate to invest time or resources in personal and professional development.
  3. You find making strategic alterations in your accounting business challenging.
  4. You let ego hinder the process of addressing and sharing challenges.
  5. You often find others to blame for your business’s current state.
  6. You tend to avoid confronting issues, possibly adopting a victim mindset.
  7. You find it hard to accept guidance or coaching.
  8. You lack the enthusiasm for making meaningful improvements.
  9. You have a limited interest in broadening the value you offer to your clients.
  10. You feel content with the current level of impact you’re making.