Award winning accountants share their stories

What does it take to be an award winning accountant?

Find out in this very special issue of The Navigator, the magazine for AVN members.

We interviewed the winning firms in the 2023 AVN Most Inspiring Accountants Awards to learn what they did to overcome their critical challenges. And reading the interviews is a really uplifting experience.

Whether it was troubles with their team, a huge lack of confidence in a particular area or risking burnout from working too many hours, all of these accountants knew they had to take action. They share what worked for them and offer practical tips to help you do the same.

Shane Lukas, AVN Managing Director, says:

“It’s a real joy to read these interviews. We hear so many stories of businesses struggling at the moment – and accountants are no exception. To see how successful these particular firms have been just shows that doing the right things gets good results. I’m delighted that AVN has played a part in making this happen.”

Learn from these award winning accountants – download your copy of The Navigator here.

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