The SURTHRIVAL competition

Win the “Excellence in Challenging Times Award” AND get cash & business improvement advice worth over £12,000.

Accountants – The unsung heros of the covid-19 crisis.

We know that it’s not just the businesses themselves that you’ve saved during this crisis.

Every business…

☑️ is someone’s ‘baby’ and it’s devastating to lose it for them.

☑️ supports at least one family; lives are affected by business.

☑️ matters and you’ve made a difference through your support and help.

We know that you’ve worked hard for your clients, you’ve made their worries your worries.  You’ve stayed awake at night figuring out how best to help clients in need.

You’ve worked long hours, you’ve been their support and counsel, you’ve worked your hardest to get the funding to help them survive and given the advice to help them adapt and once-again, thrive.

You deserve to be recognised.  Indeed the Accounting Profession deserves to be recognised.

AVN are launching an award for the Accountancy Practice that has demonstrated Excellence in Challenging Times.

Why enter for the award?

  • Taking stock and considering the wonderful difference you’ve made is important.  It’s easy to keep battling on.  Take time out to consider the impact you’re having.
  • By winning the award you’ll receive great press coverage for your practice, you’ll feature in many publications.
  • Having an award that states that you’re excellent in challenging times will provide comfort and credibility to any business looking to work with you that you will help them in their times of need.
  • The prizes will make a profound difference to your accountancy business and to your team.

Our plan is to raise the awareness of the difference accountants are making, there will be press coverage, stories will be shared.

You have nothing to lose and lots to gain by entering.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of entering, thinking that what you’ve done is just routine and expected, we emplore you to share it anyway.  No story is to small or too large, but yourself forward, involve your team.

To enter for this award we simply want your story or stories.  Tell us about the clients you’ve been there for, what you did for them and difference it made. Seek their permission to name them if possible but anonymise the client if that’s preferred but either way, share the story.  This isn’t about bragging, it’s about inspiring.

You can download the entry form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The winner of the award will get:-

🌟 A prestigious trophy and certificate for your office.

🌟 Digital award logo for your website, letterheads and email signatures.

🌟 £2,000 in cash to spend on your team to celebrate the win.

🌟 A full day with the author of Putting Excellence Into Practice, Shane Lukas helping with implementing concepts from his book. Shane will travel to the winner’s office wherever that is in the world. (Worth £4,500)

🌟 A 2 hour zoom coaching session with one of Europe’s Leading Business Coaches Arnon Barnes (worth £3,500)

🌟 A comprehensive ‘new business’ coaching programme offered by Perfect Client Attraction delivered on zoom.

🌟 2 hours of ‘How to increase corporate finance in your firm’ from The Corporate Finance Network

This is a GLOBAL AWARD – accountants across the world have been helping clients.

Finally, AVN are going to make a global impact too.

For every story we receive, we’ll provide 1 year’s worth of e-learning education to a child in a rural village in India to help them get access to much needed education on developing 21st century skills.  We do this through our proud association with B1G1,

You have been and continue to be an absolute hero to the clients you’re working with.

Accountants have been seen in a new light and long may that continue, share your stores and together we’ll inspire the business world.

Below is the link to the entry form and additional entry details. Begin capturing your stories now.

Good luck!

Shane and the AVN Team

Enter now

You can submit as many stories as you feel appropriate before 10 July 2020.

More information on the downloadable word document.

Shane Lukas is best selling author of…

Putting Excellence Into Practice – A Proven Roadmap To A Profitable, Sustainable and Value Driven Accountancy Business.


What’s Next For Accountants – How to make the biggest threat facing the profession your biggest opportunity.


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