Being part of something special

It can be quite lonely running an Accountancy Practice can’t it.

In our personal lives we have family and friends who we can share companionship with, air feelings, frustrations and emotions with. 

But in our business lives we don’t always get the chance to do that do we?  Even having a team of people or other partners/directors it’s not always easy to be completely open or get fresh and different insights about the challenges we face.

As humans we like to surround ourselves with others who share our values and philosophies don’t we?

That’s why many of us join clubs or become members of organisations that are aligned to our own values and beliefs. 

What does being a member of something really mean?  Here’s my take based on being the Managing Director of a membership organisation that’s had members since the late 1990s.

For me, membership is the impact of 3 key elements.


Common purpose

There has to be a common purpose, something that represents a greater ambition, a larger campaign that strikes a chord.

Being part of something special means being part of something that’s achieving what an individual can not achieve all by themselves.

Aligning ourselves with others that feel the same way and a facilitating organisation that’s driving that common purpose forward enables each individual to feel that they’re contributing toward that purpose. 

AVN stands for Inspiring Accountants – to become even more Inspiring Accountants to their clients, it strives to help Accountants make more of a difference, to their own families by developing a stronger Accountancy Business, to their Clients by helping them deliver powerful business growth advisory services, and to the local and wider community as they naturally want to give something back. Not everyone will share that purpose, for those who do, they feel a huge sense of fulfilment being part of this membership.



Being able to connect with those like minded individuals means access to a greater level of support from non competing peers who genuinely want you to succeed and openly give you insights and input that will help you.  Sharing personal experiences, trials and tribulations.  These people become friends and part of your own social network who will listen and help.  With this level of shared commitment progression and improvements happen because concerns and obstacles can be voiced and experience shared.



Being a member of an organisation that represents everything you’re passionate about enables you to proudly share in your marketing that you’re part of that membership, it will inspire others, it will demonstrate to your customers that you’re serious about your purpose.

Being part of a brand that represents continuous development means that you have access to research, training, learning and a structured approach.

AVN members regularly meet up either online or at workshops, they strengthen the value of the workshops by contributing their own successes with each other, they enjoy each other’s company and encourage each other to make the progress they each strive toward. 

Is being part of something special important to you? 

If you’d like to understand more about AVN membership and how being part of it can help you improve your Accountancy Practice, improve your skills in Business Growth Advisory and enable you to give back to the local and wider community through the profits you generate then let’s talk – no strings.

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