Accountancy Edge

James Hellyer qualified as a Chartered Accountant while working for KPMG, one of the Big Four, where he worked with blue chip clients. After returning to Devon to worth with smaller businesses he was surprised to mind that most small business accountants were only interested in completing end of year accounts and tax returns, and that despite claims to the contrary they had little interest in adding value to their client’s businesses. So, in 2010 James decided to set up his own accountancy practice to do things the way they should be done, in a way that helped business owners become more successful. He thought their accountants should give their businesses an advantage, an edge, and Accountancy Edge was born.

Accountancy Edge is based in Bideford, North Devon, and works with a range of owner managed businesses throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset (and sometimes beyond). As well as taking the stress out of a business owner’s compliance obligations (basically their accounts and tax), it wants to work with them to help them take their business from where it is now to wherever they want to be.

Accountancy Edge
12 Culm Close
Bideford Devon EX39 4AX
United Kingdom

Contact Name
James Hellyer

Who We Love to Work With
We don't want to work for businesses in regulated sectors, like solicitors or doctors. We want to work with entrepreneurial business owners. Given our geographical area, these people often run businesses in the tourism and leisure sector, manufacturing, construction, or consultancy. There is no upper limit on the size of business we will take on. Although we do work with smaller businesses, most of our clients turnover between £100,000 and £1,000,000 a year (and appreciate being helped up a quartile). We're especially happy to work with start-ups who want that helping hand to make sure their business survives and thrives. We offer a special package for start-ups who want to be successful. If their business is just a stopgap until they find a job then we aren't the accountants for them. To enable us to work closely with our clients during the year, we especially like people willing to use cloud accounting systems. These let us advise you based on how the business is doing now rather than how it did a year ago. This makes our advice far more useful! We predominately work with businesses based in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, but if you’re happy to connect remotely, then distance

What's Unique About Us
Every year for every trading client, we review whether they are operating using the most tax efficient trading vehicle and make a clear recommendation to them about this. We will check you are on the best VAT scheme for your business. We will review how you remunerate yourself from your business, and advise you of the most tax efficient approach every year. We benchmark all of our clients so we can help them identify ways to improve their business’s performance, and how they can make it happen. We will help you earn more, keep more, and enjoy your business more.