B. Wright & Co

If you are looking for an accountant that is passionate about teaching and helping you to succeed and build your business, and break down the barriers preventing you from achieving your goals and having real job satisfaction then we are the accountants for you.
Based in Enfield and Greater London we believe in dealing with our clients with integrity, honesty, and reliability – we are business owners too, we understand the challenges and issues you face day to day – and we want to help.

You decide how much you want to pay us by choosing the level of service you want and we will always give a fixed price agreement for every piece of work we do. Not only that but we let you pay by direct debit to help you with your own budgeting and cash flow.
If you are stressed, have little time for relaxation and family, and frustrated at not building a profitable and successful business telephone us NOW for an initial meeting.

B. Wright & Co
28 Bycullah Avenue
Enfield EN2 8DN
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Brian Wright

Who We Love to Work With
We love to work with Entrepreneurs and business people in Enfield and Greater London, whether start- up businesses or those more established, who are passionate about what they do, desire to produce high quality services and/or goods, and embrace modern technology; and wish to grow the business to achieve their goals We currently work with businesses such as a successful artisan baker, medical consultants, contractors, e- traders and many others.

What's Unique About Us
There is an old adage “What you can measure you can manage”. So often we don’t have time to look at the numbers but they are critical if you want to achieve your goals. We help you solve problems and be successful by showing you how to create more profit, have a clear plan for the future with less pain, less stress, more time and greater work satisfaction. Supporting you by using tools that will measure your business, produce reports with recommendations, and work with you to ensure that those recommendations and improvements, when applied, will create the business you want.