Bell Anderson

Who we are
A local firm of business people who are Chartered Accountants with in excess of 150 years of experience at senior management level. The firm was ‘established’ as Bell Anderson in March 1993 when Stan Bell and Michael Anderson launched the firm. Geoff Little joined the business some years later to further develop the rapidly expanding business as it moved from Newcastle City Centre to Gateshead. We are a small highly qualified team. All of the senior management have trained with and worked for the top 4 International firms of Chartered Accountants as well as having significant industrial experience as well. We work very closely with a select targeted client base building on strong personal relationships. After all as our strap line goes “It’s a people thing”.

Bell Anderson
264-266 Durham Road
Gateshead Tyne and Wear NE8 4JR
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Geoff Little

Who We Love to Work With
If we feel that we can’t make a significant contribution to helping you achieve your goals, then we are not right for each other. Therefore we have established three criteria which someone has to meet before we agree to take them on as a client: 1. We must like you – life is too short to waste time working with people you don’t like 2. We must be able to help you achieve your goals – this is one of our core values 3. We must be able to create a story out of our relationship – helping clients to succeed and then asking you the client to either write a testimonial as to how we have helped you, recount your experiences at a presentation and/or record a video for future marketing use We do not have geographical boundaries as we will work with our ""ideal"" clients wherever they are.

What's Unique About Us
Clients comment that what they value most from us is: • We make a vital contribution to their success • We help clients see the wood from the trees • We challenge their business assumptions • We ask the difficult questions people would sometimes prefer to brush under the carpet We encourage “slow thinking” but “fast action” – that means the ability to draw rational conclusions from a full analysis of the facts, summarising the results, calculating the options, then acting quickly and decisively. This kind of input is priceless."