businessVision are a Plymouth based firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in helping small and medium sized business owners achieve more but work less.

We focus on actively growing a business, not just reporting on its performance. Our passion, engagement and experience shine through in all client projects. We provide essential, valuable, strategic advice as standard as well as ahead of major decisions. To quote one satisfied client, “a 35% increase in sales and over 100% increase in profit speak for themselves”.

We foster a lasting relationship with our clients, and receive much of our new business through referrals from them. This relationship is founded on honesty, integrity and a genuine commitment to a client’s business future.

We specialise in business growth and have provided over 130 growth training seminars to local businesses.

Our clients experience total peace of mind. All fees are fixed (no surprises!). They also receive a comprehensive guarantee that says if they don’t feel we have delivered value they can pay whatever they want (even nothing). All clients have prompt delivery of bookkeeping, accounts and tax returns based on timetables discussed and agreed.

Unit 7 Brooklands, Budshead Road
Plymouth Devon PL6 5XR
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Marc Lawson

Who We Love to Work With
As specialists in business growth our ideal client should be ambitious and have a desire to grow. For this reason we do not usually take on one-person businesses unless they have ambitions to grow beyond that in the near future. We are always happy to provide such businesses with free advice and recommendations to suitable accountants in the area. We usually act for businesses with turnover between £100,000 and £5 million. A particular specialisation is that of businesses providing tradesmen and materials to customers (plumbers, electricians, shop fitters, roofers etc.) and have had substantial successes in helping this type of business increase sales and profit. Generally our clients will be located in an area with a PL postcode. An exception to the above is another specialisation - personal service companies (such as in the IT industry) where we can usually supply a prompt efficient tax based service to any company based in the UK Ideally all clients are looking for value provided within the framework of fixed monthly fees and for an accountant that goes well beyond the provision of just accounts and one meeting a year.

What's Unique About Us
• Proactive advice saving tax and focusing on providing quantified value far higher than the fees. • Accounts prepared to an agreed timetable and delivered in 20 days. • Tax returns delivered in 14 days. • Unlimited emails, phone calls and meetings for a fixed monthly fee; clients never feel like the clock is ticking. • Free access to our on-line Business Growth System the best step-by-step sales and marketing programme for small businesses in the UK • A monthly sales and marketing newsletter packed with helpful tips and advice. • Profit growth and wealth growth meetings as standard

“This is just a quick note to thank you very much for all the advice over the last few years. Although I was initially sceptical about the impact that this could have, the latest accounts prove that all the hard work combined with your advice is paying off. A 35% increase in sales and over 100% increase in profit speak for themselves. What has been particularly helpful has been the regular information coming through from the Business Builder Forum, which as you will know I have spent a lot of time implementing, and am pleased to say that this is now paying off dramatically. " Toby Short

Case Study
A little over 12 months ago we started the One Page Plan process with a client of ours. The client had been a normal compliance client for many years and even though the business results were solid, both of the husband and wife directors felt that the business could do more, and also wanted to take more of a back seat. Our process began by analysing the existing figures using Success Driver Mapping. This indicated that their business earnt money in two ways. Firstly, they brought materials and added on a mark-up when selling it to customers. Secondly, they provided technicians to do work who were charged out at an hourly rate. The Success Driver Mapping process indicated that there was a black hole in their figures. By taking realistic numbers for productivity, time off for sickness and holiday etc. we were able to show that (applying their target hourly rate for the number of technicians and the mark up on the amount of materials brought in the previous year) the target sales figure they should have achieved was substantially in excess of the figures they did actually achieve in their accounts. This gave us, and them, some confidence that analysing these figures in more detail would produce some results and would therefore justify the investment in the work. Having signed up the client to the One Page Plan process we then completed a detailed yearly cash flow and profit forecast using the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) mentioned in the Success Driver Mapping as part of the calculations. The targets set out in the forecast were deliberately pushing the business to move somewhere quite dramatic rather than just going for the normal 3 or 5% increases. Included in the KPIs for the One Page Plan were the number of hours that the two directors were planning on working within the business. In order to obtain accurate financial figures each month we set up Xero bookkeeping software for the client, and although they completed most of the bookkeeping work we were able to review this at the end of each month before pulling the figures into our own KPI software ‘Fathom’. Monthly meetings were held at which point the finalised monthly management accounts and the figures in Fathom were presented together with detailed One Page Plan reports. The meeting went through all of the target numbers that weren’t yet on target (and in the beginning this was nearly all of them) with a view to discussing and advising on how those individual figures could be moved closer to target. By the end of the financial year for which the One Page Plan had been carried out many, but not all, of the KPIs had reached target levels on a consistent basis. As a direct consequence of this sales had risen 13.8% (and this was in a business that had been trading for many years at the same level). More importantly, operating profit rose by 19.5% and profit after tax and dividends (dividends having increased by some £12,000) rose by a staggering 260%. The profit figures included the cost of doing the One Page Plan. Now that the first year of the One Page Plan has ended we've been instructed to continue, with further increases in targets for the next year. The main difference being that both directors have now effectively taken a back seat from the business and allowed a new managing director to move up through the ranks and continue in this process without their involvement. The directors only involvement in the business will be that they will be kept informed of any non-attendance at One Page Plans and will obviously receive summary figures at the end of each quarter. The directors will continue to take the same level of dividends that they always have, and have ensured that the managing director stepping into what was previously their role will be on a bonus based on success results from the second year’s One Page Plan.