Calcutt Matthews

Award Winning Kent based Firm that excels in growing business and tax reduction.

Calcutt Matthews
19 North Street
Ashford Kent TN24 8LF
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Nick Hume

Who We Love to Work With
Ideal clients have a turnover of £500k to £30 Million and pay our minimum £3000 fee per annum. We best serve clients in Kent, London and the South East."

What's Unique About Us
Our latest survey shows that on average a client with 5-10 employees will increase average profits after 8 quarterly meetings by £193,000. Clients with 10-50 employees will on average increase profits by £383,000 in these 8 quarters. We saved on average our clients with a turnover of £500,000 around £39,000 in tax. We also specialise in looking after overseas businesses that want a UK Company.