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Do you ever worry about not having enough cash in the business bank account? Do you get frustrated that you’re not doing the right things to grow your business and make it more profitable? Or perhaps you’re just so busy that even though you know there’s lots you can do to improve things you just don’t know exactly where to start and don’t even have the time to do it?
Well, we’re here to help you with these issues and we’re proven experts that specialise in helping companies in the e-commerce, online retail and technology sector.

Of course, we can help with all of the bookkeeping, annual accounts, corporation tax, R&D, payroll, pension and personal tax but what we really want is to do as well is to help you and your business to succeed and to become more profitable.

If you feel that your business has so much more potential but isn’t quite making the profits and not quite seeing the rewards that you are aiming for then we’d be able to help you change this situation. We’ve been helping businesses for over 10 yrs, we use the most modern approaches and technology and all of our staff are highly trained and will go the extra mile for you, giving you the best chance of success.

Clearstone Business Services
111 Buckingham Palace Road
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Paul Cooper

Who We Love to Work With
We help business owners in the e-commerce, online retail and technology sector that are located in London and the South East. They have limited companies with a t/o in the 150K to 6m range with 1 to 80 employees. They appreciate the value of technology and information, are looking to grow their business and are prepared to take action to do so. They fall into two main areas: • Business owners working long hours yet still struggling to get the financial rewards: - They often can't see how to become more profitable and take home more money, and that's where our business advisory and cashflow advisory services help. – We help increase profits, providing owners and their families with the life that they want. • Business owners who are stressed out and struggling with their finances and bookkeeping: - They struggle to put aside the money they should for taxes and are in the dark with their business finances. - By putting in place an efficient cloud system (using Xero, Receiptbank and profit analysis software) and an expert bookkeeper to free up their time and provide them with financial clarity they can pay their bills when due and sleep easily.

What's Unique About Us
- We can analyse your business and improve your profitability using our proven system - We can get your business systemised so it runs more efficiently (using the most suitable software and apps for your business needs) - We can take away your business hassles and help you sleep easy at night So if you are a small business owner and are looking to grow and increase company profits to provide a better life for you and your family then we'd love to speak to you and to help you achieve your goals.