DabHand Accounting

We have been operating for over 10 years. Our mission is to help the busy business owner get a deep understanding of the numbers that drive their business. The services we offer are much more than a once a year e mail asking for the business records to produce their annual accounts and tax returns.

We explain to clients what their key numbers mean and help analyse how these can be improved- and the huge positive impact these changes can have on their business. We ensure we are approachable and that our clients can have open discussions about their companies and ambitions and that we make a constructive and contribution to them.

We facilitate regular Board meetings for our clients to ensure they are forward focussed on business growth and profit improvement- we want you to come out richer and happier for working with us.

To us your numbers are just the beginning of our work with you. The owner has a deep experience of working in and with SMEs and implementing improvement plans. If you want to make your business work better for you, we would love to have a discussion to see if we can help you.

DabHand Accounting
63 Green Lane
London W7 2PA
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Christopher Darby

Who We Love to Work With
Attitude and ambition are the two key attributes in our clients. They want to get both more business and more from their business, whether it is a better work-life balance, less stress in running their business and getting the right amount of profit out of their business. The firm does not work with doctors, solicitors, insurers, or other regulated sectors. Our clients use the best software tools to manage their accounts, and we help clients move to user friendly systems that save them time and money- manual systems tend to have high error rates and are outdated in the modern working environment. We work with SMEs up to a turnover of about 20m. We help start-ups who want fast paced business and profit growth and know a good accountant is key to making this happen. We work with clients across London and the Northern Home counties. We are a friendly approachable firm and enjoy working with clients who have a good sense of humour and look forward to meetings with their accountant. Our clients discuss all key business decisions with us, knowing that our perspective and focus on the numbers aids good decisions.

What's Unique About Us
Weekly webinar- we love our clients to ask for help on the questions they wanted to ask but felt embarrassed to. This also enables us to introduce clients to each other and potentially share new business and opportunities. Whole business review- we can use analytical tools to identify opportunities and risks to their business and then look at how these can be best managed. For instance we recently helped a client select the best sales opportunities to pursue first and then assign priority to the rest.