Hallidays Group Limited

More than just accountants, Hallidays are a modern and innovative business that believes in growing and supporting our clients and team.

We work closely with SME’s with specialist knowledge of academies, charities, solicitors, and credit unions. We help our clients by providing expert advice on business growth, strategic tax planning, business planning and restructuring, wealth management, and of course all your everyday compliance. At the early stages of our relationship, we’ll work with you to establish your expectations and personal & business goals to ensure we are all heading in the same direction.

Our membership with Russell Bedford gives you access to a worldwide network of professional service firms. Our connection with The Corporate Finance Network further enhances our capability to fully prepare and support you with raising finance, mergers and acquisitions, and with exit strategies.

Hallidays’ clients have voted personal service as one of the key things they love about us along with approachability. Our 2018 1st quarter client feedback score was 91% based on the question ‘How have we helped you grow your business.’

So, if you want to grow…please give us a call.

Hallidays Group Limited
Riverside House
Kings Reach Business Park, Yew Street
Stockport Cheshire SK4 2HD
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Jane Bennett

Who We Love to Work With
If you are an ambitious growing business that wants to work closely with a professional adviser to help you achieve your personal and business goals then please get in touch.

What's Unique About Us
By taking a 360-degree view of you and your business, we will guide you through the challenging steps of growing. Our growth service is tailored towards an ambitious growing business that wants to work closely with a professional adviser to help them achieve their personal and business goals.

“We started out as two freelancers and the benefit of objective business experts and the camaraderie of the Business AM events has encouraged us to take the right actions. Hallidays’ support and insight, combined with the Business One Page Plan has enabled us to grow, achieve our goals and win an amazing award.” Stuart Bradley, Business Owner, Trust Brand Communications The action we have taken as a result of attending Hallidays Business AM has been a catalyst for change and has enabled us to transform our business and achieve our goals.” Joe Pritchard, Director, Maggi Electronics Ltd"

Case Study
Trust, a branding and digital agency started life working out of two premises. They needed to grow and put a plan in place which they did with the help of Hallidays and their Business One Page Plan. The two directors needed to align their vision for the business and agree goals and targets to drive the business forward. They needed to identify the value they provide, rather than communicating the features of their service to their customers. With Hallidays’ support, Trust used our Kickstart questionnaire to develop their shared vision and goals. They now have a clear ‘USP’ and money-back guarantee proving clients with peace of mind. Before The team of two were working from separate premises which impacted on their personal life and day to day communication which ultimately could have a long term impact on client service. After Hallidays advised on and facilitated their move into one premises which improved communication and ultimately the day to day stress for the team. Before Trust recognised that pricing based on time was not the right way to grow their business. They needed to review their pricing model to one based on value and introduce ways of maximising their cash flow. After Hallidays worked with the Trust team to develop the right pricing module based on value and payment structure which improved their cash flow. Trust also benefited from attending Hallidays’ Business AM event focusing on price and product position for maximum profit. Before Growing the business was an overwhelming challenge they needed to focus on. This impacted on the business systems and identifying KPI’s to achieve the growth they wanted. After Working together their Business One Page Plan was produced. Now Hallidays meet quarterly with Trust to review their success and advise where action needs to be taken. Outcome From working out of two premises, Trust brought the business under one roof which improved their communication and speed of response. By year 3 they were attending Hallidays Business AM growth sessions and their Business One Page Plan was in place which ensured they focused on what was important to the business. Using the Business One Page Plan as a monthly snapshot of everything that matters to the business ensures they focus on the actions that help grow the business. They have now taken the next step in their growth strategy by hiring a new team member to focus on lead generation and business development. What the client said “We’ve been able to beat our previous year’s turnover in 8 months. We put this down to measuring the things that matter on our BOPP. The icing on the cake was winning the Stockport Business Award for ‘Business of the Year - up to £1 million’.” Stuart Bradley, Business Owner - Trust Brand Communications