High Clarity Accountants

Here at High Clarity Accounting, we understand you started your service business because you had a passion for helping people. Along the way you’ve found yourself doing all sorts of things, some of which may have got in the way of your original plans.

As well as filing your taxes, we believe accountants are in the perfect position to be able to help business owners in more of an advisory capacity. An area where most small business owners miss out, as the costs of hiring external consultants are too high. Using the latest cloud technologies, we first gain back control of the accounting process, thereby allowing access to seamless data exchange and real-time information. This frees up accounts processing time, as well as giving insights into the key numbers. Using our specialised tools and methods we can then analyse and interpret those numbers to formulate an improvement roadmap. We then work with you to get you back on track and lift you up to a level you never thought possible.

There are accounts and tax returns – and then there’s High Clarity Accounting.

High Clarity Accountants
18 Roneo Corner
Essex RM12 4TN
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Chas Roopra

Who We Love to Work With
We love to work with small tech and service-based business owners to help them tune up their businesses! The easiest way for me to describe this is by thinking of your business as a computer. A computer that we help you get running smoothly, by ensuring all the right chips are in the right places and all of those software updates are done at the right times. This allows our clients a short cut to increased profits, better cash flow and more time to enjoy whatever they got into business for in the first place. We do this by focusing, not on your past accounts, but on the key cogs - or profit drivers – that exist in your business. There are in fact 23 of these that all good businesses should have fully optimised. Focussing on these key drivers allows you to: - be the network controller, rather than the workstation, ensuring that everything flows as it should; - focus your efforts on those areas which make a real improvement to your business; and - be able to create a business that works for you, rather than you having to be tied to it.

What's Unique About Us
Having formally been a network engineer who supported business owners with their IT needs, I realised that I could do more to make a difference to the people that I came into contact with. Utilising my natural skills with numbers I re-trained as an accountant and after several years working in industry, I decided to make the jump into private practice. My experience and understanding of the problems and challenges of the IT industry, combined with the skills that I have with numbers, allow us to provide valuable insights, advice, and solutions to the issues across the whole UK service.