Lawrence Young Ltd

As a business owner you may have worked with an accountant before and not had a 100% successful experience… We understand this and work hard to improve on your previous experiences…
We work mainly with owner managed businesses and UK subsidiaries of international companies within 50-miles.
Unlike many firms now adding ‘consultancy’ services to their portfolio, we started in 1999 providing just consultancy and business development services. We moved into ‘compliance’ services when a consulting client asked us to assist because he wasn’t happy with his previous accountant. Since then we’ve attracted many clients in a similar position, often having been attracted to ‘cheap’ accountants who then provided even cheaper service! With LY, clients not only get their compliance work done in a timely manner, but also get the encouragement they often need to develop their businesses.
LY is headed by Keith Lawrence FCMA CGMA. Keith trained within corporate businesses, qualifying in 1983 and subsequently developing a specialism in business strategy and business development. Keith is supported by a small internal customer focused team, with external specialists on call as and when needed.

Lawrence Young Ltd
Hart House
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Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 9PU
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Contact Name
Keith Lawrence

Who We Love to Work With
If you own a business or are responsible for a subsidiary, you’re no doubt good at what you do! But getting your accounts & bookkeeping sorted probably isn’t one of your greatest strengths or your top priority – yes? If so, we can help you with those often-painful tasks, and help you regain control of your business… If you run a business you’re probably not scared of work or of taking responsibility, but there are several important factors you need to get right: 1. Most obviously money – are you getting the financial rewards you want and expect from your efforts? 2. Time – It’s not a 9-5 job! Are you putting in more hours than you feel you should? 3. Fun vs hassle – You took on the task for a purpose – has the initial enjoyment of ‘being your own boss’ been replaced by the hassles involved in running the business? 4. Do you know where the business stands at any point? We often find that owners are so busy ‘doing’ the business that the ‘admin’ stuff is way behind. It’s amazing in fact that the most common reason we come across for cashflow issues is that invoicing hasn’t been done! If any of these apply to you, we should certainly at least have an exploratory chat!

What's Unique About Us
Our clients want to understand their ‘numbers’ enough to feel comfortable and in control. If that’s you, we will ‘educate’ you as little or as much as you want, so you have the control that you need. • Help with the Basics - eg raising sales invoices or doing the bookkeeping. Sometimes you’ll be comfortable doing this; If not you might prefer us to handle things. • Something more advanced – Tracking your cashflow? A simple, easily updated ‘cashflow forecast’ can be a great benefit. • Growing the business – We’ve seen a lot of businesses so can often identify what might work and what won’t…