A powerful business growth service to help you accelerate your business and achieve your personal vision by inspiring decisive action.

Sometimes it can be lonely being a business owner. Especially on those occasions when you have to take a leap of faith…a step forward into the unknown. Having someone by your side at those crucial times is invaluable – someone to give you the numbers, the systems, the possibilities and the belief to guide you. That’s where, with proven financial expertise, plus the drive and passion to help you to achieve your life/business best, we can help.

Our fixed fee service is designed to help you focus and keep you on track with key processes in place; to keep you accountable and motivated. Carefully focused action is what we’re built on – ours and yours. We know your time is precious, so we’ll tell you which actions you need to start with for the biggest impact.

Accountancy and business growth services
Yes, we have the accreditations you’d expect from a regulated business
Yes, we have the experience
Yes, we have proven accountancy success.
We also offer you something more – a desire to go the extra mile, to help you achieve the success to make you happy.

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Michael Hemme

Who We Love to Work With
Are you getting what you want out of life? Or just more work than you bargained for – without the rewards you’ve dreamed of? If, like so many business owners, your answer is “no”, my team and I are here to help – to be by your side on the road to greater business success. We’ll cut through the seeming ‘madness’ of it all and put you back in control. We’ll help you clarify what you want. We’ll help you examine the numbers, systemise your business and work towards the success that you’ve imagined for so long. Our service isn’t just for companies who have nearly ‘made it’. If your business has more potential, but you don’t know where to start, we can help with goal setting, forecasting and so much more in a practical, ready-to-go toolbox. Or perhaps you’re ready to shoot for the stars – we want to support you by helping you extract maximum value at every stage. We'll dedicate time and resource to supporting you to grow your business while maintaining stability. It’s a high quality strategic planning and implementation support package to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. If your business is within 20 miles of Croydon call us today on 020 8647 0297.

What's Unique About Us
What we’re about can be summed up in few words: we’re all about you. About you having a vision and goal, that we can help you drive towards as you build a better business. We can help you achieve the personal success you want. Our team’s skill sets, enthusiasm and drive provide you with an approach that goes above and beyond what you might expect from your accountant. Giving you the practical support you need to succeed. Sometimes it’s nice to ask a trusted advisor ‘What would you do?’ Well, ask away. We don’t sit on the fence – we don’t shy away from difficult questions and brave decisions.

"Working with MDH has helped us create a very healthy cash flow and account balance. [This] enables us to grow and invest in people, equipment and plant, if and when needed. There’s nothing we can’t do – having a good accountant gives us that freedom. Michael is someone who knows our business, which is very important. He recommended taking on an apprentice accountant, which I’ve done. In fact, having MDH on board has changed an awful lot of things. Michael’s always there in the background. At the end of the day, it comes down to a personal service. Chris Jennings, Director, GCSC (SW) Ltd"

Case Study
He bends over backwards to make sure your needs are met.” The background: saving money from the start Braving all market conditions in the depths of the recession in 2011, Alex Clarkson-Tooze set up Clarendons Property Consultants to deal with homes for sale and to rent throughout Surrey and West Sussex. Using a wealth of knowledge and experience, he had a vision of providing total property services in one place – with customer service excellence at its heart. In 2010, with this high quality offering already in mind, Alex had started to piece everything together to create the first class support he knew would help him achieve it. One of the pieces in this jigsaw was having the right accountant. Alex said, “I didn’t know what I needed, I just knew that I needed one.” So he took advice from people in the know. The solution: a different approach Four accountants were recommended to him by a major bank. The first three quoted Alex for a complete service – with four figure sums. But Michael Hemme at MDH, having asked some key questions about the kind of service Alex was looking for, took a different approach. He suggested training Alex up to do a lot of the accounts himself – which would cost a lot less money – and was also a solution that suited Alex perfectly. Alex said that Michael definitely saved him money through this – “rather than trying to start me off on something I didn’t need.” It also showed him how transparent Michael was in the solutions he provided. “[The service] has evolved to meet our needs.” Alex has been working with Michael and his team at MDH ever since. He has always found their support to be “responsive and flexible”. He said, “Michael did something within the hour once because he knew I needed it.” As well as the on-going training, MDH also delivers any additional accounts services required for Clarendons Property Consultants to remain compliant. With his excellent network, Michael helps Alex find other high quality professionals, which has saved him time and hassle too. “We look at things from a different perspective.” MDH offers a service with another difference too – Michael works with Alex to give support on developing the business. Alex said, “We meet twice a year and it’s just helpful to speak to someone who isn’t involved.” He added: “He’s gone through everything I have, shared experience and given me advice.” The tangible benefits of this development work include Michael analysing what has already been done, providing constructive feedback on growth plans for the way forward and even, said Alex “sometimes holding me back and putting things in perspective…putting systems in place.” He added, “He always encourages you.” However, Michael isn’t afraid to challenge ideas where appropriate too – an approach that Alex welcomes. The result: supporting a developing company at every stage From a standing start in 2011, Clarendons Property Consultants has grown every year, with MDH supporting it all the way – both through its responsive approach to accountancy and its business growth services. Clarendons Property Consultants is on target for a turnover of £350,000 in the next financial year. The company is absolutely committed to first class results paired with fantastic customer service. So it is perhaps no surprise that Alex appreciates the high standards of service Michael offers. “He bends over backwards to make sure your needs are met.” Are you looking for an accounting solution, or support for accelerated business growth? Talk to Michael at MDH without obligation and he will make a recommendation tailored for you.