Merlin Accountancy Services Ltd

We are accountants but we don’t just provide a set of accounts and an on-time tax return. We are passionate about helping people like you achieve the personal & business goals you dream about. These could be to pay off the mortgage earlier, buy a better car or house, take more holidays, fund the children’s education, a long and comfortable retirement or any one of a hundred other things.

So how do we do that? We use our skills with numbers alongside a series of processes, systems & tools to help our clients use their business as a means to achieve their goals. And all without the need of a magic wand!

Merlin Accountancy Services Ltd
2nd Floor
33 Longbrook Street
Exeter Devon EX4 6AW
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Giles Corby

Who We Love to Work With
Whether you are just starting your business journey or have been established for many years, what’s most important is that you have a desire to grow and improve your business and are prepared to take action. We know we can make the most difference if we work closely with you rather than just speak to you once a year when the accounts need completing. For this to work best we prefer to work with businesses within a 40-minute drive from Exeter. It is important that you are prepared to share your business and personal goals and, perhaps most importantly, we must like each other. So come and meet me and find out!

What's Unique About Us
We won’t stop once we’ve completed your accounts. We’ll find out how your competitors are doing and show you in a simple format how you compare against them across 19 key business drivers. In addition, we will carry out a diagnostic review and present the results in a plain English Key Improvement Possibilities report. Both of these tools will show you how much more you could be making if you were able to emulate your more successful competitors. We also operate a ‘no surprises’ fixed fee policy. This is agreed up front so you always know in advance what the costs will be and what they cover.