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Gloria started her own accountancy practice in 1996 in order to help small and micro businesses to understand their finances and help them grow their business. After years working in a variety of business fields, Gloria decided to study to become an accountant. She realised there was a gap in the market for accountants with real life business knowledge and wanted to develop her financial skills to help small business. Her mission is to create an environment in the team to help clients run a profitable business so they can contribute to the development of their local communities, provide progressive work opportunities and care for the planet.

She has continued this work and in her support role to micro and small business owners Gloria has developed a series of mentoring programmes which resulted in her becoming the Most Innovative Accountant in the UK and named as one of the World’s Most Inspiring Accountants.

The knowledge of the numbers, good tax planning and an holistic approach as business advisor, coach and mentor has been described as invaluable. By holding you accountable for taking action on the key areas of your business, you can achieve the results you want and deserve.

Murray Associates
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Contact Name
Gloria Murray

Who We Love to Work With
Businesswomen and family run businesses in the service sector are ideally suited to what we do. They may work in hair & beauty; lifestyle & health; professional therapists; coaches, trainers or consultants. You can access your accounts information on the cloud so have your numbers at your fingertips. You only need access to the internet through a mobile device or laptop. Our ideal client is “a very bright woman but doesn’t really recognise this. She’s in a long-term relationship with children she adores. She worries that she’s missing out on seeing them grow up as she works long hours and rarely has time for holidays. She feels if she split up with her partner she would struggle to get by as she has no real savings. She likes being around people and is passionate about what she does. She’s open to new ideas and knows she needs to get stuff right in order to build her future. She is driven and wants to be perfect. This sometimes stops her from getting on in business. She feels she doesn’t understand the numbers, but doesn’t want to ask her accountant to explain things as it makes her feel inadequate and vulnerable. I understand... Gloria Murray, Director of Murray Associates

What's Unique About Us
Our profit improvement programmes take you from being self employed to a business owner of a sustainable business and on to develop as an entrepreneur. We have a strong understanding of results marketing for small businesses and use learned and earned real life business skills and experience to get a true feel of your business. This allows us to resolve your problems, issues or challenges and provide unique solutions in a practical manner. A proven track record of increasing clients' profits while maintaining their life work balance means you, like them achieve more in business and in life.