Numbers (UK) Limited

Making Lives Better is not just our marketing strapline, but our passion. We help each client identify what “better” looks like for them. Then, once we’ve established that, we use our skill with numbers, and leading edge software, to show them how they can achieve their goals. The process shows them where the “quick wins” are to be found, so they focus on things that are really “game changers”.

Our future focused, proactive approach extends to the compliance work we do as well. So, each tax return, VAT return and set of accounts is analysed to find those small (and not so small) savings that soon add up.

Numbers (UK) Limited
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United Kingdom

Contact Name
Steven Carey

Who We Love to Work With
The ideal client will be a highly profitable, growing business, with multiple outlets/departments/profit centres. They will be looking to develop the next generation of manager/owners and will be open to employee participation in the ownership of the business. They will be happy to pay premium fees, provided they are convinced that benefits outweigh the cost, and will not abuse our fee guarantee. The ideal client will listen to our advice, follow it, be happy to refer others to us, and pay in accordance with our terms (Direct debit or standing order as an alternative). Ideally, we will get on with them on a personal level, and they will buy the full range of services from us. The client will provide responses and information in accordance with our procedures. Our preferred market is the professional services sector, which can include IFAs, solicitors, engineers, architects and any “scaleable” business. Alternatively, they will have a business plan that demonstrates these attributes, or will pay for us to construct one with them. We will act for well-planned, properly funded startups.

What's Unique About Us
We help clients define what a "better" life looks like for them, then show them the impact of those small changes that are needed to help them achieve "Better". Succession planning, helping clients choose whether to work, focus on the "big" issues, or to take time off. Tax planning, to ensure they keep as much of their profits as legally possible. A review of their business and personal expenditure (Our AYR service), helping them avoid wasting money.