Solid Limited

We are a hard working team dedicated to protecting and galvanising your business. Your targets are our targets. Your goals are our goals. We are business owners ourselves and we do understand business. Together we will build solid foundations for your business, enabling you grow to the successes you need to grow and thrive. Solid is built upon a solid mission statement. Everything that we do, say, type, advise, submit and calculate will be done with excellence, with integrity and with transparency.

Solid Limited
410 Davina House
137-149 Goswell Road
London London EC1V 7ET
United Kingdom

Contact Name
Arber Pacarada

Who We Love to Work With
We work with established businesses and startups with ambitious plan for growth. We work closely with our clients so they have to be within Greater London area. We work well particularly with restaurateurs and successful cafe owners. Also with architects, design studios and artists.

What's Unique About Us
We believe that it takes more than a single meeting to measure up an accountant. You will trust us. You will rely on our advice. You will speak to us often. You can't gauge all of that in a single meeting. So we don’t ask anybody to pay us a penny in the first three months. During this time we will put in place bookkeeping and accounting processes that not only will save the business time and money but also it will improve operations in other areas of the business. If you like our style, then we will carry on collaborating. If you are unhappy, then we will part company with no hard feelings.