Developing Confident Client Managers: 4 Key Strategies for Success

Confident client managers are essential if you want to scale your accountancy practice and escape the trap of doing everything yourself.

By Shane Lukas, Managing Director, AVN Inspiring Accountants

So how can you develop your team so you trust them with your precious clients?

These 4 key strategies will help:

Boost their confidence with prepared responses

Your team may be worried about handling unpredictable questions from clients. Give them a simple, effective script so they know what to say, no matter what the question is: “That’s a great question. Let me investigate and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.” This approach maintains professionalism and buys time for a well-thought-out response.

Show your clients how much you trust them

If your clients are used to only dealing with you, they might feel uncertain about talking to someone else – or even that they have somehow been ‘demoted’. So actively promote your client managers’ expertise and capabilities to your clients. Show them how much faith you have in your team to provide an excellent service.

Give your client managers independence

Stay out of meetings between your team and your clients. Your presence is likely to overshadow them, so clients direct questions to you instead. When you allow your team to handle meetings solo, it strengthens their authority and builds rapport with clients.

Make sure your systems are up to scratch

Behind every great accountancy practice is a great set of systems. This is essential for you to feel confident that your team are delivering the same high standard of service as you would yourself. And it’s equally essential for your team to be able to step up and become the confident client managers they have the potential to be.

Get these strategies right and your people – and your practice – will soar.

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Image by Pressfoto on Freepik