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Fortnox brings you regular agency improvement webinars because business education is as important as accountancy education.

Fortnox and Shane Lukas: Empowering Your Agency’s Success and Balance

Join Fortnox in our exciting collaboration with Shane Lukas, a transformative expert in the accounting industry. With 25 years of revolutionising accounting agencies worldwide, Shane brings practical, innovative strategies to our exclusive webinar series.

Why This Collaboration?

  • Expertise: Shane’s quarter-century of experience offers unparalleled insights into agency management and growth.
  • Practical Strategies: Learn how to make your agency more profitable and enjoyable to manage.
  • Future-Proofing: Equip yourself with knowledge to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

What’s in it for You?

  • Bite-Sized Learning: Our webinars are tailored for agency owners and senior executives, focusing on impactful, manageable insights.
  • Freedom and Success: Discover how to achieve a better balance between professional success and personal freedom.
  • Free Resource: Register and receive Shane Lukas’ best-selling book, “Putting Excellence in Practice,” as a complimentary bonus.

Join us to reshape the future of your firm. Register now for a transformative journey with Fortnox and Shane Lukas!

Your next webinar…

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How To Confidently Deliver Advisory Services

Date: 4 June 2024 Time: 12.15. Duration: 45 minutes

How to deliver advisory solutions to clients that work really well and that use your natural skills with numbers as an accountant.

Running a business feels hard and can affect home life.

Delivering Advisory doesn't have to mean knowing your client's business better than they do, it means using your skills with numbers in valuable ways.

In this webinar, Shane Lukas will share with you 7 proven strategies that you can both share with your clients and apply to your own Accounting business too.

These strategies help business owners improve profits, cashflow and gives them freedom.

Your clients will love you even more when you share with them ways to strengthen their business.

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Hear from other accountants

These Byråboost webinars are Bite-Sized elements from Shane’s full 2 day Byråboost workshop. Listen to the comments from your fellow accountants who attended.


I worried if this would be right for me. I was inspired! We all need to be boosted 🙂 I was stuck in old routines and habits. This is the right time, I’m ready to expand and free my own time.

Annika Andersson

Redovisning Förvaltning


Your inspiring trainer

Shane Lukas

Author – Speaker – Trainer – Coach

Best selling author of…

Putting Excellence Into Practice

and What’s Next for Accountants

plus many more.

Shane has transformed the lives of thousands of accountants by showing them how to create an accounting business that works for them – profitably and systematically – giving them the freedom to live the lifestyle they desire.

At PracticeBoost, you’ll discover how you can do the same. Our unique approach gives you the knowledge and the confidence to start making the changes you’ve always wanted.

Shane’s insights into what really works come from four decades of working with accountants, understanding their stress and anxiety and seeing the transformation they can make.

shane books

A brilliant time with a great man called Shane Lukas… I really liked the pricing part and how to sell and deliver advisory.

Marcus Alm

Reply Redovisning, Göteborg


Webinars presented in English

Worried that you may not understand Shane?

Listen to him present his TED talk about how fear, in business and in life, is your friend.


Vi samarbetar med AVN for Accountants för att kunna erbjuda byråledare och andra beslutsfattare en boost i sitt eget företagande.

Pia Eriksson

Produktspecialist, affärsutvecklare, föreläsare och konsult på Fortnox