"In just a couple of months, by implementing just a few of the concepts, we've seen 25 - 40% increase in turnover."

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Imagine A Place Where Possibilities Become Achievements...

Imagine for a moment...

If it were possible to increase the profits in your practice. Even if you have price sensitive clients.

If you could easily attract much better quality clients. Who you respect, appreciate and who pay you more.

What if you could redefine success on your terms, without sacrificing the moments that matter with family and friends?

If you could scale up without you being the bottleneck.
And reduce that constant pressure from team and clients.

If you could confidently stay ahead of the changes affecting the profession. So you future proof your business and stay relevant.

Picture your practice thriving, your team engaged, and your clients raving about your service – all while you reclaim time for yourself.

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The KnowHow Club is a catalyst for transformation.

Here, you’ll get the insights and the guidance you need to turn these ‘what ifs’ into ‘what is’.

From unlocking new growth opportunities to mastering the art of work-life harmony, the KnowHow Club is your partner in reimagining the future of your practice.

Join us, and let's make your ideal tomorrow a tangible today.

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-Oana Manase, Accountant and Business Consultant, OM Innovate

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Complete video training suites that enable you to:-

Establish focus and direction to achieve freedom, profitability and enjoyment

Communicate value and price in the best way

Attract the kinds of clients you’d really love to work with

Confidently promote and deliver added value services and advisory

Put scalability mechanisms in place so that you can grow without being the bottleneck

Choose the hours you work and have the freedom to take more holidays without interruption.

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A treasure trove of world-class experts’ insights covering…

Pricing psychology and principles

Low to no cost effective marketing and social media strategies

Ways to leverage your time to work more ‘on’ and less ‘in’ the business

Develop your team to be less onerous on you.

Artificial Intelligence: Embracing it to enhance service and productivity

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What Your Fellow Accountants Say

In just a handful of weeks, these two accountants have seen MASSIVE transformation. Imagine the impact this could have on your practice.

Attila Fekete went through the entire structured programme in 3 weeks. It transformed his accounting practice and got him his life back.

Craig Dyer commits a lunchtime per week to go through the programme with his team. The results have increased his turnover 25 – 40% in just weeks.

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Since 1998, AVN has coached over 5000 accountants in practice. Enabling them to grow their profits, enrich their lives and to deliver advisory solutions to clients and make more of a profound difference to them.

Meet Shane Lukas owner of AVN...

Shane has transformed the lives of thousands of accountants by showing them how to create an accounting business that works for them – profitably and systematically – enabling them the freedom to have the lifestyle they desire.

Our unique approach gives you the knowledge and the confidence to start making the changes you’ve always wanted.


Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Best selling author of… Putting Excellence Into Practice and What’s Next for Accountants plus many more.

Shane’s insights into what truly works comes from decades of working with accountants. He understands their stress and anxiety and has seen first hand the transformation they can achieve.

Could there be a better way to run your practice?

Whether you’ve run your practice for 5 minutes or 5 decades, there are mistakes to avoid and better ways to be discovered.

Shane Lukas, founder of the KnowHow Club, explains more in this video .