Learn the exact steps to grow your profits, your freedom and enjoyment – and make a profound difference to your clients

AVN Masterclass


A 2 day workshop (either live or online) that gives you the knowledge, confidence, skills and tools to build the kind of accountancy practice you’ve always wanted – so you can live the kind of life you want.

And we don’t just give you the tools, we show you how to use them so you can start making change happen as soon as you sit down at your desk.

This is not a platform to sell to you. We aim to deliver immense value through concepts and strategies we’ve developed over 20+ years of working with accountants.

You will come away inspired.

You will come away motivated to grow your practice into a thriving business.

You will come away with crystal clarity on what to do and how to do it.

AVN Masterclass


This Masterclass is for ambitious accountancy practice owners/partners who want their practice to give them more. More income. More fulfilment. More of the right kind of clients. More time for the other things in life.

It’s ideal for you if …

You’re a partner or owner of a 1 – 2 partner/owner accountancy practice

Your turnover is more than £150k

You have 5 or more team members

Why? Because these types of practices are proven to get the best results from the AVN Masterclass.

If you’re just starting up or just thinking about starting, it’s probably not right for you at the moment.

AVN Masterclass


Because your practice simply isn’t delivering the fulfilment, the income or the lifestyle you really want. And you’re ready to do something about it.

Because you’d love to scale up but you can’t see how to do it without adding to your stress and the hours you work.

Because you’re working far more hours than you want (with a negative impact on life outside work).

Because you simply don’t earn enough for your level of knowledge and expertise.

Because you feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill that’s going nowhere.

Because you’re thinking about exiting your business but you can’t do it until you increase its value.

Because things are good but you have a nagging feeling they could be even better.

Life changing, inspiring – worth every minute and every penny.

John Capper, Taylor Viney & Marlow

It was amazing – the Masterclass blew me away actually.

Val Wishart, Beyond The Numbers Readers Expert

The best 2 day course I have ever been on – totally engrossed!

Micheál Dennehy, Positive Cashflow

AVN Masterclass


At the AVN Masterclass, you’ll learn how to implement a roadmap that leads you to the accountancy practice you’ve always wanted.


Get CLARITY on where you’re going – how to easily achieve your personal and accountancy business goals


How to POSITION your firm in the right way – so price becomes irrelevant


Deliver incredible VALUE to your clients – how to help them improve revenue, profits, cashflow and their personal wealth so you become indispensable


How to use GEARING to grow your firm – tap into the true potential of your team and stop being the bottleneck


Use AUTOMATION to let go without losing control – understand the systems and technology that save time and maintain consistently high standards


Raise your PROFILE to win great clients – so you become sought after for the kind of work you want to deliver and for the fees you deserve to get


Find a PURPOSE – Use what you learn at the Masterclass to help your clients run better businesses (and have a better life) and to create a practice that has a positive impact on your community and beyond.


You’ll come away with a detailed IMPROVEMENT PLAN – so you know EXACTLY what you need to do to get the results you want. And we’ll work with you to create the plan that will take you to your dream practice.




A follow up ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN‘ session with Shane Lukas to support you in implementing all the ideas you took from the training. We’re determined to help you get those ideas off the page and working for you in your practice!

AVN Masterclass



There are hundreds of courses out there for accountants, so why come to this one?


Many of those courses will share great content, and show you the WHAT and the WHY.


But they often leave out the HOW. So you’re left feeling inspired, but not much wiser on how to actually implement the learning.


At the AVN Masterclass we share every HOW so you can do it yourself.


One of our core beliefs at AVN is the old adage… if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day; if you teach them to fish, you feed them for life.


Our philosophy throughout the Masterclass is to teach everyone to enhance their business skills. Some choose to tap in to the further help we offer to accelerate their journey. Others prefer to do it themselves. But everyone leaves the Masterclass knowing exactly what they need to do to achieve a better lifestyle and a more profitable business.

AVN Masterclass


We are committed to delivering incredible value over the 2 days of the AVN Masterclass. But if you don’t feel you’ve had value from your investment, we guarantee to give you your money back – no quibble.


AVN Masterclass Shane Lukas
AVN Masterclass Emma Slack
AVN Masterclass Kerry Riley

Shane Lukas

Author – Speaker – Trainer – Coach

Shane has transformed the lives of thousands of accountants by showing them how to create an accounting business that works for them – profitably and systematically – so they achieve the lifestyle they desire.

At the AVN Masterclass, you’ll learn how you can do the same. Our unique roadmap gives you the knowledge and the confidence to start making the changes you’ve always wanted.

Shane’s insights into what really works come from more than two decades of working with accountants, understanding their stress and anxiety and making it his mission to find a sustainable solution.

Emma Slack

Trainer – Coach – Mentor

A Practice Growth Expert, Emma has been coaching, training and mentoring accountants in practice for over 23 years. The accountants she works with have gained in confidence, gained in client and team happiness, and gained in fees and income.

As an accountant herself, Emma knows all too well the frustrations and challenges of working in practice. She is passionate about finding a better way of doing things and making a real difference to the lives of accountants everywhere.

Kerry Riley

Trainer – Coach – Mentor

As a Practice Growth Expert, Kerry is focused on developing the accountants she works with so that they are energised and motivated to gain more fulfilment from their role – and to do the same for their teams.

Kerry is also a certified fitness and wellness coach and also a yoga teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious!