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Why you absolutely must attend

The Accountant’s Profitability Masterclass

When the Accountancy Practice isn't performing, these 3 aspects become a problem to you.


away from your family

The number of hours you spend in your Practice are gradually creeping up.  Dealing with client demands, having meetings, checking work and trying to work 'on' the business. This often means you're not spending time doing the things you love.


That you truly deserve

The income you're taking doesn't reflect what you're truly worth as a Professional Accountant. You deserve to be really well rewarded but your prices are being driven down and you're struggling to demonstrate value.


In running your Practice

Running your practice should be fun but for many it isn't.  Not all of your clients are nice to work with. You feel you could do more to help clients. It's putting strain on relationships, it's preventing uninterupted holidays.

Here are 9 great reasons why you should attend…

  1. You will enjoy three days of fast-paced and stimulating world-class CPD
  1. Designed specifically for the leaders of ambitious UK accounting firms
  1. Presented by some of the world’s most respected advisers to the accounting profession
  1. Providing step-by-step guidance that has been field tested by hundreds of the UK’s most successful and dynamic practices
  1. Based on over 400 human years of research conducted over the last 21 years
  1. Giving you everything you need to make your practice even more successful, profitable and valuable
  1. And also giving you everything you need to serve your clients even more proactively
  1. We’ll show you how to introduce an array of services and approaches ranging from valuable conversation starters to full blown Business Advisory and everything in between
  1. At the same time as giving you back control of your business – so that “working less and earning more” is one of your many options to make life better for you and your family


Based in the heart of England, immediately off the M1, AVN's office and event space is the perfect escape. 7 Midland Way, Barlborough Links, Chesterfield, S45 8AW

Date and Time

15th - 17th October is our next Masterclass. Start time is 9am Tuesday, with drinks, lunch and evening meals (Tuesday and Wednesday) provided, the Masterclass finishes Thursday at 5pm.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.
How Day 1 of the Masterclass will help you

This day focuses on the essential building blocks of success. During the day you will:

  • Glance in to the future of the Accountancy Profession
  • The opportunity that you can seize upon
  • Discover how to use the profession’s only “Excellence Model” to improve every aspect of your practice
  • Learn how to position yourself as a “credible expert” – and why you must!
  • Understand the keys to being more valuable to your clients
  • Receive step-by-step guidance on how to improve the way you price – in a way that is much more acceptable to your clients, and much more profitable for you
  • See exactly how to systemise every aspect of your practice – so that things get done more efficiently, more consistently, more quickly, more affordably and with much less effort on your part
  • Pick the brains of a practitioner who has accelerated the growth and profitability of his Practice by implementing the methodologies you’ll have been exposed to throughout the day.

How Day 2 of the Masterclass will help you

  • Discover how to substantially increase your profits by giving your clients the proactive support they really want
  • Learn how to reposition your core service as a “Total Accounting Solution” that clients will be willing to pay you much higher fees for
  • Use a case study to uncover a step-by-step process that allows you to help any business become more successful and profitable
  • See how to use a “One Page Plan” and “BoardView” approach to turn one-off consulting projects into substantial recurring fees of at least £500 per month/quarter per client
  • Understand how to use all of these insights to provide a profoundly important new service that is needed by almost every single person, family and business owner in the country – a service which will shape the quality of their entire life in the new economic realities of our current times.
  • Pick the brains of a guest Practitioner who has used this approach to transform their Accountancy Business.


How Day 3 of the Masterclass will help you

This day focuses on making action and growth happen within your firm. During the day you will:

  • Receive step-by-step guidance on how to get more of your clients buying more of your services
  • Learn how to use everything you have seen at the Masterclass to win as many high quality new clients as you want
  • Understand how to free up the extra time you need – and how to get everyone in your team fully on-board with your vision for the practice
  • Create your own detailed action plan – tailored to your precise needs – so that you go back and actually do the things you decide are necessary to make things better for you, your clients and your business


Other ways the three days will help you

Over the three days you will also:

  • Discover the blueprint for an amazing Practice that works for you
  • Be able to ask whatever questions you want
  • Get whatever answers you need
  • And also be able to pick the brains of some of the country’s most successful practitioners and the world’s leading advisers on a one-to-one basis

Who should attend

At AVN we’re passionate about helping Accountants in Practice, we know from our experience that whilst we always receive feedback that’s rated as Excellent and Outstanding, if you’re not yet established then much of the content will not be pertinent to you right now.

It’s primarily designed for ambitious partner(s) of an Accountancy Practice employing at least 1 team member and outside of the top 20 firms.

You’re welcome to bring Partners and Clients Managers – present and of the future – with them as this helps with implementing ideas taken from the course.

Value guaranteed.

Rather than think it over, why not give it a go?

You have nothing to lose: my personal guarantee takes care of that.

If you don’t think it’s worth every single penny, I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.

So why not click on the link and sign up to attend Masterclass now?

The speakers…

To make your time with us incredibly valuable, you’ll be hearing from…

  • Successful practitioners– who come along solely to share their stories and innermost success secrets with you
  • Your fellow delegates– discussions with the leaders of ambitious accounting practices like yours who aren’t competing with you
  • And led by some of the world’s most respected advisers to the profession click each name to learn about the Masterclass Speakers…

Shane Lukas is Managing Director of AVN, an international best selling author of multiple books for the Accountancy and OMB sector including What's Next For Accountants, Co-author of the book “The world’s most inspiring accountants” and the creator of the AVNRoadmap Methodology and the AVNExcellence Standard.


Shane Lukas Author, Speaker, Coach

According to LinkedIn he is the most highly rated adviser to the profession in the world – Author of seven acclaimed books, including “The UK’s best accountancy practices” and “Your blueprint for a better accountancy practice” – Shortlisted in 2015 for accountingweb’s “Outstanding Contribution to Accounting” award.


Steve Pipe FCA Business Author, Former UK Entrepreneur of the Year

Practice Growth Expert who has coached, mentored and supported hundreds of Accountants through their journey to becoming industry leaders within the Profession



Emma Slack - Practice Growth Expert

Multiple Author, International Speaker and Practice Growth Expert. Andrew, formerly an insolvency practitioner moved in to coaching businesses to help them prevent going insolvent in the first place.  Since then and for many years now Andrew has been successfully coaching business owners and Accountants in to building enjoyable Businesses.


Andrew Miller Author, Speaker, Coach

Andrea has been working for 20 years doing business development coaching and facilitating improvement projects, and has worked with CEOs in a vast array of businesses, and now loves working with accountants to develop their businesses.



Andrea Higginbottom - Practice Growth Expert

Your investment…

Most 3 day workshops would cost you in the region of £3000 but we know that the real cost to you is giving up 3 days of work time and family time – which is why we only ask you for £297+ VAT (£356.40) to cover our basic costs.

If you have any questions about the Masterclass at all, give us a call on 01246 571191.

Our Masterclass places sell very quickly and because we run them from our office, places are limited.  Guarantee your place now by click the button below.