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Member Training

AVN training is designed to help you be more proactive for your clients (it’s not technical training). Our sessions aim to inform and involve you so you come away with a solid grasp of the subject and the tools you need to implement it in your firm.

Live training events

These are our upcoming training events for AVN members – for more information and to book tickets, just click on the link. Most events are free but there is a small charge for the AVN Conference and AVN Masterclass.

The events will take place at the AVN Head Office in Barlborough.

Name Date Where to book
AVN Masterclass – 3 days of intensive training on all things AVN and your springboard for advanced or continuing membership of AVN. AVN members can claim a free place for the Masterclass – contact us for your unique registration link. 13th – 15th March Taken place
2nd – 4th October Taken Place
13th – 15th March Book Here
CLARITY – Practical workshop to help you improve your key numbers. This event is designed to complement and assist you completing the first AVN Roadmap – Clarity and help you on your first steps on your AVN journey. 27th February Taken place
11th April Taken Place
7th November Book Here
POSITIONING – Covering how to target your ideal client and how to create the perfect pitch in order to turn more prospects into clients. This event is designed around the second AVN Roadmap – Positioning. It will continue your roadmap journey after completing the Clarity roadmap. If you have not yet completed the Clarity roadmap please go to to book a Clarity call to start you on your way. 24th April Taken place
24th July Reschedule date TBC
23rd October Book Here
VALUE – Covering value driven growth; growing and cultivating your client base. Day 2 focuses on the PMI System and how to deliver it. This event is designed around the third AVN Roadmap – Value. You must have completed the Positioning Roadmap in order to attend this event. 21st & 22nd March Taken place
17th & 18th July Taken Place
10th & 11th October Book Here
GEARING – Gearing is about creating a team culture, getting your team much more focused on delivering high value services and interacting with customers in a way that continues to wow them, keep them engaged and inspired. It’s largely around mindset – your mindset in terms of letting go and trusting your team to deliver the quality and accuracy you’re passionate about and their mindset to get them thinking more commercially. You must have completed the Value Roadmap in order to attend this event. 24th & 25th October Book Here

Online Training Events

Join us for live training sessions without even having to leave your desk! All sessions run from 12:00 to 13:00 and will be hosted by the Practice Growth Experts.

All the online training will cover both Foundation and Advanced member tools.

Name Date Where to book
Developing your KPIs? February 28th Taken place
Recruitment: Just how difficult is it to get the right person? March 7th Taken place
Attracting the customers you want – tips and techniques April 18th Taken place
TimesUp! Refresher training April 25th Taken place
Quick and easy tips to enter (and improve your chances of winning) the 2018 AVN Awards
May 15th Taken place
Moving to advanced membership June 6th Taken place
Apprenticeships in the accounting profession. An update to the different qualifications now available June 13th Taken place
Ways to improve efficiency in the office July 11th Taken place
Crypto Currency and Blockchain with guest host Steven Briginshaw

October 23rd Book Here
Case studies of the successful DATE TBC Book Here
Raising your profile through video marketing DATE TBC Book Here
Running better client meetings DATE TBC Book Here
Keeping your team on track DATE TBC Book Here

On Demand Training

We’ve created a suite of on demand training programmes to help you on your AVN journey.

AVN Induction  Designed to give you an overview of the AVN tools and resources you have in Foundation membership and how to access them.
Quick Wins  Shows you all the AVN tools and resources that can give you quick wins, be that return on investment, better relationships with your clients, or reducing your debtors and unlocking cash.
Cultivate and Grow  Once you have some wins under your belt it’s time to start looking at your business, engaging your team and offering new and exciting services to your clients.
Making it stick  To successfully move forward you have to get your team engaged with your plans and start a systemised approach to running your practice. This programme shows you how to utilise the AVN tools and resources to do just that.

You’ll find the training programmes in System Builder – just type On Demand into the Knowledge Base.

AVN Roadmap online support sessions

Each of these online sessions depends on which of the AVN Roadmaps you are currently working on.
You will receive an outlook invite to attend after you attend the corresponding live events. These online sessions are designed to work alongside your peers and one of the Practice Growth Experts on the individual roadmaps. It will provide real focus within each of the roadmaps.

Once you progress to the next roadmap, you’ll leave that online group and join the next one, so you are in control and can progress through the Roadmaps at your own pace.