Our Leveraged Impacts

Through promoting B1G1 through our contacts we have jointly impacted as follows…


Supporting Jonathan with the Rae Rae trust

It was a pleasure for Shane to go to the charity open day, and to donate to the charity of choice for Jonathan Vowles.  If you would like to help support Jonathan and the Rae Rae Trust, which helps put smiles on the faces of children with cancer, then you can donate here too - [...]

Our B1G1 Giving

Each week we give based on the interactions we have with accountants.  Each interaction gives us a way to support and help accountants, but now also means we give to others through B1G1. Our giving this week: 56 webinar attendees = 56 weeks of school books 13 PGE calls = 390 days of clean water [...]

Contact the Elderly Tea Party

Our very own Victoria hosts these lovely tea parties for the elderly, supporting @contact_teas each month.  She says "Such a lovely afternoon with all the guests, drivers and hosts. I know I look forward to these every month even with the multiple other things I get to do with my time but for some of [...]