Is running your own accountancy practice not how you thought it would be?
How to stop doing it all and start doing what you love

If running your accountancy practice hasn’t turned out the way you wanted, you’re not alone. Too many practice owners aren’t getting the fulfilment they thought they’d have from running their own business.

But there is a better way.

Get your free copy of Putting Excellence Into Practice - a 7 step blueprint for building your perfect accountancy practice.

A practice that’s profitable, sustainable, value driven – and gives you the choice to do what you really want to do.

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Additional bonuses
from author Shane Lukas

Bonus: video training

Developed to complement the book, I've created a series of 4 - 6 minute bite sized training videos and diagnostic exercises for you.


Bonus: a free paperback copy posted

If you're in the UK or Ireland then by registering for this book, and only for a limited time, I'm posting out free physical copies of my book.


Bonus: exclusive invites

Get access to exclusive invitations to live events and webinars delivered by me and my team at AVN that will help you build a better practice.

Praised by your peers and trusted advisers to the profession

"The ‘Excellence Blueprint’ described in this book is the best thing we have ever implemented into my practice"

"Shane's passion and purpose shine clearly throughout this book. I love so much about it as it’s a great guide for accountancy firm leaders and partners"

"A stunningly useful and practical book that every single accountant in the world should read"

"I’m now making a difference to my clients and have a great lifestyle myself"

Michael Hemme FCA

Managing Director of multi award winning, 6 star AVNExcellence firm MDH

Mark Lee FCA

Speaker and Mentor: The Future for Accountants

Steve Pipe, FCA

Adviser to the profession and author of ‘The Word’s Best Accountancy Practices’

Val Wishart 

Chartered Accountant, Beyond The Numbers, Edinburgh

"If you are struggling to break through by yourself, or just need a successful formula to get you there faster, this is the book for you"

"More cash in the bank, reduced my working days from 6 to 3 and work with nicer, higher quality clients"

"So many are now running better, more focused, more purposeful practices because of the thought-leadership of Shane"

"The ten parts of this book are the key ingredients that have been proven to build some of the best accounting firms"

Patrick McLoughlin

Managing Director of Accounting For Growth and adviser to the profession

Jackie Hooper, FMAAT, AAT QB, MICB

CB Dip, PM Dip, Owner of JDH Accounting and Bookkeeping

Paul Dunn and Masami Sato, B1G1

Global Giving Business Initiative

Mark Wickersham FCA

Professional speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author

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