The AVN Masterclass – virtual event, real life results

The first ever virtual AVN Masterclass finished on Saturday

Up until now we’ve be running the Masterclass 3 or 4 times a year, spending 3 days getting to know the delegates, having meals and drinks together, and gaining an understanding of who they are and what they want from their accountancy practice. And the delegates themselves have met and bonded with other #accountants who have the same challenges and feel the same frustrations. It’s always been an incredibly rewarding event for everyone.

This time was so very different.

All the delegates were just tiny images on a video. We couldn’t hear them. They had other distractions going on. They got tired of sitting in front of a screen. They couldn’t meet us or each other, let alone have a drink together. So expecting them to stay engaged and committed for 2 long days was a big ask.

But wow, what a result!

“What a fabulous valuable way to spend the two days. Motivational and inspirational. Thank you!” Barry Shaw

“Thank you! It’s been amazing. My mind is buzzing!” Rasa D’Alton

“Thanks to the full AVN team – that was such a worthwhile use of 2 days. Really appreciate it.” Charlotte Tucker

“Thank you, Shane, these couple of days was simply amazing.” Naz Hakimi

The AVN Masterclass shows you that you don’t have to work long hours for low fees with unappreciative clients. We give you the tools to change your #accountancy practice so you have a choice about the hours you work, the type of work you do and the income you take from your practice. And then we show you the shortcuts to make it happen fast.

The next virtual Masterclass starts on Tuesday 9th March – do you want to be part of it?

UPDATE: After such successful events in February and March we’re running the Masterclass again in June – see below for the link to book.

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