IMPACT STORYTELLING: How accountants can generate (and tell) stories that change lives and transform your results

Thursday 25th July 2019, 10:30am

For the first ever time online, the world’s most highly rated accountant will reveal why “impact storytelling” holds the key to a new kind of success.

When you attend you’ll discover:
► The four types of impact your stories must include – and how to be brilliant at all four
► The easiest way to generate and capture those stories
► How to turn those stories into a viral marketing machine that gives you all the leads you can handle – without spending a single penny, and
► How to use those stories to boost productivity by 143%

Building on his brand-new keynote to a thousand senior accountants in Salt Lake City in June, the meeting is:
► Fully interactive – so you’ll be able to ask any questions you want, or you can simply sit back and listen if you prefer
► Practical and action oriented – so you can start taking action and getting results the same day

An interview with a Client Manager that’s changing lives.

Thursday 1st August 2019, 10:30am

There’s often a degree of concern and even skepticism when it comes to appointing team members to become a client manager, especially when it comes to them spotting opportunities and delivering business growth solutions. In fact there’s often a worry that if they do a great job of this, they might run away with your clients and set up in competition.

Join me in interviewing David Rudd of Wood and Disney, he isn’t a partner he’s an employee who has been entrusted as a Client Manager, making a profound difference to his client portfolio by providing added value services and business growth advisory to his clients. He’s incredibly loyal to Wood and Disney. Discover how he’s developed his skills and why he’s so loyal to Wood and Disney by joining me in this 60 minute online interview.