Where there’s tea and cake, there’s hope

Yesterday was the fourth tea party for Victoria and her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was hosted by one of the volunteers at Bolsover Methodist Church and was a great success with a full group attending.

Talk during the tea party turned to the upcoming Christmas period and what everyone would be doing to celebrate the holidays. Whilst most had plans with family or friends there were a few of the older guests who unfortunately have nowhere to go on the day, or no one to see so it was decided that they would do something a little more special for their December outing.

Victoria said “It was so nice to have everyone back together again, and to see how much everyone had been looking forward to seeing each other was really nice. You don’t realise just how much these groups impact on the lives of the older guests who don’t really see other people and I’m so happy to be involved in making a difference.

We’re going to plan a special treat for December!”.