The Windows version supports the following operating systems:

– Windows 7 SP1 (until 14 January 2020

– Windows 8.1 Update 1 (until 9 January 2023)

– Windows 10 (until 14 October 2025)

– Windows Server 2012 R2 (until 10 January 2023)

The macOS version supports the following operating systems

– OSX 10.11.1 onwards

The iPad version supports the following operating systems and devices:

– iOS 9.3.5 onwards

– iPad 2, 3 or 4

– iPad Air or Air 2

– iPad Mini, Mini 2 or Mini 3

Windows Hosted Desktop version. This is a special version of the software for use only on hosted desktop installations. Please do not use unless you know for certain you are running on a hosted server system or are explicitly instructed to use this version by AVN Technical Support.

If you are a Mac user: we are working to get all AVN software on the cloud so there will be no difference in how you access it whether you are a Mac or a PC user; in the meantime, software such as Parallels or VMWare will let you install and run AVN software seamlessly (and other software that isn’t Mac compatible).


The Team Matters installation will put the software Team Matters onto all the computers in your office.  Download the file and run it on each machine that needs Team Matters on it.  Once you have installed the software, the office administrator will need to follow the system in System Builder to set the software up.

SSTW ACCOUNTANTS VERSION – This is the version for you to use for your own practice and to create reports for your clients.

Once you click this link, please follow the instructions below. This download may take a while as it contains quite a few video files.

Download, and extract the zip file, Create a folder in C: and call it AVN Copy Media folder from extracted zip file download into the AVN folder you have created on C: In Extracted download folder, go into SSTWInstall and run setup.exe.

Even if you are an administrator, please right click on this installation and run as an adminstrator.

Once you’ve installed it, run the software and click on one of the video or audio links – it will say it can’t find your media. Use the drop down option to browse for your media and click ok.  This will link the media to SSTW permanently.


Simple Stuff That Works is now available to download, making it quick and easy to save the software on a memory stick that you can give to clients or prospects. It’s an effective way to demonstrate that you’re much more than just a run of the mill accountant.


This download includes the PMI tools including Financial Performance Review (FPR), Business Valuation, Business Edge Report Generator and Business Potential. For installation instructions see this System Builder document.