1 Minute Tips

What’s your measure of success?

The true measure of your success.

Are you measuring the number that will drive action to improve your practice? Or that are consequences of the things you’ve done.

Heres the link to the article I mention: https://www.avn.co.uk/2019/06/12/measuring-your-success/

2 tips and a freebie

I’m seeing that a lot of Accountants are tapping into the expertise of social media experts and web developers for content that is meant to represent themselves.

And, it is a good thing to be leveraging your time but what I’m really seeing is lots of generic content, lots of overly self-promoting content rather than stuff that differentiates you and speaks for who you are.

So I’ve got a couple of tips for you because I believe there has to be an in-between.

One tip is to create yourself a style guide, something that talks about your values, your tonality, your personality, all of those things that come through, you can create into a style guide and in fact, you can get a free copy of mine that you can use as a template by clicking the link below. You can give this to your content writer for them to better represent your personally.

And the second tip is, in terms of content, let it start from you, even if a copywriter produces the rest of it.

So just grab your phone, press record, maybe you’ve had a conversation with a client, you’ve answered some queries, use that as the source of your content and then let your copywriter produce a little bit more meat around that bone.


If you don’t ask, THEY don’t get

This morning I was delighted to receive this wonderful email from one of our AVN members.

Within it he was expressing sincere thanks to the AVN team for the impact that AVN’s had on him personally and his accountancy practice.

He shared some results he’s been getting, but the one that I wanted to share with you is that he was saying, just yesterday, he sat down with one of his clients, who had previously paid him a thousand pound per year, and he asked him some thought-provoking questions.

Really listened intently to his wants, his needs, his aspirations, and then demonstrated how one of his packaged services could help him.

That client immediately, there and then, signed up to a £5,000 package, and was delighted his accountant had that conversation.

So my advice to you is don’t prejudge your clients.

Earn more, work less…blah blah blah

Isn’t that just everybody’s opening gambit?

You must be sick of seeing it by now. I know I certainly am, and I must confess I’m guilty of using it myself in the past.

But it’s fair to say two things. One, most of us are so used to seeing that kind of language that we tend to switch off to it.

And number two, not everybody wants to reduce the amount of hours that they’re working. Maybe they’re pursuing a passion. Not everybody feels the need to earn more either.

For me, what’s really important is to understand what your customers need, and in general, it tends to be around choice, doesn’t it?

Having more choice about the hours that they work so they don’t feel they have no choice but to keep working endless hours – more choice about the income that they take, – more choice about the role that they play, – more choice about the difference that they make either to the local or wider community.

So my advice to you in this video is to find out what’s really important to your ideal clients, and then you can use that language to attract more people just like that that you can then help.

Please and thank you’s

Please do take 37 seconds to listen to this piece of advice, it simple but it is important.

Déjà vu?

Has this January been like last January?  Will next year be like this one?

It doesn’t have to be… watch this interview: https://youtu.be/bl-c67oyYuw

Treat Yourself

Tax Returns are over! What’s been the cost of doing those tax returns?  Watch this brief video for a quick tip.

65% of Accountants struggle

This staggering statistic shows that so many accountants in practice struggle in ways that you might too.

Watch my brief video and then click this link to join me on my next webinar: www.avn.co.uk/webinars

Are your ducks lined up?

What are the important things you’ve been putting off doing until your ducks are in a row? Watch this brief video to find out why those ducks will never line up!

Win, win, win proposition for you

About 7 minutes of your time in exchange for some powerful resources from me?

Get better referrals

Sometimes, we feel compelled to work with a referred client, here’s a simple strategy to get great referrals.

Mistakes are welcome here

Our best source of learning as a team

Introduce this type of culture into your Accountancy Practice and the results will be amazing.

When would now be a good time?

The day to day stuff, whilst really important, stops us from making life better.

Watch this short video, send me an email if you’d like some personal recommendations.

This is how you stop fighting fires

Being busy isn’t the same as being productive.

My 50 second tip this week, recorded from my stand at Accountex is intended to help you prevent those fires getting started.

A proactive Accountant would say?

Are you truly delivering on the expectation of a proactive accountant?

Many Accountants advertise themselves as a proactive accountant and yet, when I asked them what that means, the response alarmed me.

In order to be successful, you must…

decide on something incredibly important

Of course, money is important and is a huge enabler to many things in business and in life but there’s a bigger picture.  Watch this short video for more

Traditional vs Forward Thinking Accountants

Traditional vs Forward Thinking Accountant; a simple distinction. Which do you think you are and which do your clients think you are?

Read my blog to get a full run through of the difference and decide which you truly fall into. Click here: https://www.avn.co.uk/2019/04/16/technology-wont-ruin-your-practice-your-decisions-will/

Get the best from your Accountex trip

I know that you’re being bombarded with emails from speakers at Accountex so I’m sure organising your day will be a challenge as it is.

My advice is to have a specific objective for your visit.

Watch this video to see if my presentations at Accountex fit with your objectives, if so, I hope to see you.

I’m an accountant…tumbleweed

You have about 10 seconds to achieve a ‘tell me more’ when someone asks what you do.  What do you say?

Ask me to send you a copy of our Elevator Pitch Resource for free by emailing shane.lukas@avn.co.uk

When someone asks, what do you do, how do you answer?

You’ve got about 10 seconds to really grab them.

Do you answer, ‘I’m an accountant?’

Or as I’ve seen quite often recently, do you answer in a way that actually doesn’t really reveal that you’re an accountant and leaves the recipient quite confused about what you do and too embarrassed to ask?

Sometimes people avoid using, ‘I am an accountant’ because they fear that it leaves the recipient with a negative connotation about what they believe an accountant really is.

My advice is be proud that you’re an accountant and absolutely use that, but it needs something added to it that leaves your recipient feeling really intrigued and wanting to learn more.

What is it you’re passionate about? What is it that you do incredibly well that gets great results?

Bolt, that on to the end of it, and it’ll leave your recipient wanting to know more and be incredibly interested in you.

Your decision from yesterday

The results that you’re getting in your Accountancy Practice today are the consequences of the decisions and actions that you took yesterday.

Maybe that means that you’re living the dream or maybe it means that you’re dreaming about living. Sadly, in many cases it’s the latter. And yet, I see so many people just thinking if I keep working at it, just keep pushing through it then things will be better in no time.

Things don’t just get better by themselves.

Something different needs to happen to see better results, doesn’t it? You’re watching this video.

Maybe you’ve seen some of my webinars or email communications with tips and ideas and strategies to help you in your Accountancy Practice.

Maybe you haven’t had the time or maybe you need some extra help in making some of those things happen.

Reach out to us. We can help you make those changes.

Here’s a rod

Avoid this mistake in January that creates a rod for your back. I know you’re busy with Tax Returns, this brief tip will help you and your clients


Some benefit from a penalty, it becomes a success which raises morale and increases performance. Watch this short video to replicate the benefits.


Although your clients will want to avoid a fine, they’ll do it at the last minute – which doesn’t help you. Try this instead!