At your Accountants' conference

Shane inspires Accountants in Practice through a variety of Keynote speeches, titles including…

  • Build a £1m Practice on a 3 day week
  • What’s Next For Accountants
  • Differentiate in a profession of sameness
  • Beat procrastination to grow your firm
  • Create a team that’s passionate about growing your practice
  • Attract and retain great quality people in your team
  • It’s not enough to say ‘We’re forward thinking Accountants’
  • Attract those ‘hard to get’ dream clients
  • Double, even triple your productivity
  • 7 principles of a profitable, enjoyable and scaleable accountancy business

Shane speaking at Accountex

All of these presentations provide value to the audience of Accountants in Practice and gives them takeaway actions that they can make in their practice and get immediate results.

Shane is also able to accommodate specific needs of conference and exhibtion organisers to deliver tailored presentation as required.

At your OMB conference

Shane delivers presentations to business owner about the profound impact a truly pro-active and forward thinking accountant – compared to that of a traditional accountant – can have.

Topics include…

  • 23 things you should expect of your accountant
  • Why your Accountant may be letting you down
  • How the UK’s Best Accountancy Practice help you earn more and work less.

Not all Accountants fit the unfortunate stereotype often associated with them, Accountants.  The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices are consistently spending time helping their clients grow.

In your Accountancy Practice

Popular with multi-partner firms and/or firms with large numbers of employees, Shane delivers powerful presentations around his book What’s Next For Accountants and the 7 Principles of a highly profitable, enjoyable and scaleable Accountancy Practice.

In addition, Shane runs workshops designed to help the partners of multi-partner firms align their thinking in to a common vision, purpose and set of aligned goals.

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