Described as one of the world’s leading thinkers in terms of the future of the accountancy profession, Shane is a strategist, coach and thought disruptor. He challenges the status quo, develops the best in people and through his keynote speeches inspires audiences of accountants.

Shane has authored many books including Amazon No1 Best Sellers

Putting Excellence Into Practice – A Proven Roadmap To A Profitable, Sustainable and Value Driven Accountancy Business

– What’s Next for Accountants – How to make the biggest threat facing the profession your biggest opportunity

and co-authored books including International Best Seller- Better Business, Better Life, Better World.

Shane has spoken for many of the accounting governing bodies, including ICAEW, IFA and AAT. He is also an acclaimed TEDx speaker with over 100,000 online views (see his talk here).

Over the last 22 years, Shane has worked with over 3300 accountants through his business AVN – Inspiring Accountants helping them achieve their aspirations for their accountancy practice. Over this time Shane has built up experience of what works and what doesn’t work, has developed and continues to evolve a proven methodology for Accountancy Practice success.

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How to build a £1m practice on a 3 day week- per partner


What’s Next for Accountants


How to differentiate in a profession of sameness


How to overcome our natural procrastination tendencies


Allowing your business to fly by having the right culture


How to attract and retain great quality people in your team


How to be recognised as a forward-thinking accountant


How to double and even triple your productivity


How to attract great quality clients


How to change the value perception of your products and services


Shane Lukas Author Books



Having witnessed Shane speak in public, on webinars and in a workshop with a lot of accountants over the last year or so, he was the first person who sprang to mind when I wanted to try to brighten up my ICAEW District Society Meetings after becoming their new President this year.
Shane gave us an excellent talk on “Seven Steps to Succeed Post-Covid” and followed this up with the very generous offer of a free copy of one of his books for all the participants.
Shane’s talk was thorough, pertinent and well tailored to the audience and it was delivered in Shane’s very professional and passionate style. I would heartily recommend Shane as a keynote speaker for the accountancy profession.

John Capper
ICAEW President - Staffordshire, Shropshire and Wolverhampton Region

I recently had the pleasure of inviting Shane on the QXAS Podcast titled ‘’Building a Sustainable £1 million practice, working a 3-day week’’ as I knew he is a well-known authority on the subject and an excellent professional speaker.

Shane gave fantastic tips and advice to our listeners in the accounting community on how to grow their practice using his seven-step methodology. Our audience found Shane engaging and informative. I particularly liked his use of the ‘’Imagine an Excel spreadsheet’’ metaphor which make his ideas practical and memorable.

If you want a speaker who is easy to work with, is a confident storyteller, and really understands the professional services landscape, I can highly recommend Shane.

Vishal Kurani

Head of Marketing

QX Global Group 

Shane presented ‘7 steps to business success after Covid-19 funding talk’ to ICAEW Staffs, Salop and Wolverhampton members on 16 September 2020. The energy and passion he has shone through as he spoke on this subject. The audience left thinking about how they could make positive changes to their businesses.

Linda Conway
Regional Executive, West Midlands

Shane Lukas is an experienced presenter who manages to connect with remote audiences through a combination of engaging slides, valued content and a boundless energy.  He has been guest presenter for us to our accounting audience and the feedback was five star. I would always highly recommend him as a speaker.

Helen Cockle
Chief Operating Officer


Shane was a speaker at one of our face to face session in 2019 and members feedback was excellent, giving me a reason to ask him back again.  The reason Shane was invited to speak, on both occasions,  was to give our members the opportunity to consider different ways in which they could help not only themselves but their clients.

Our recent session was online via a webinar and Shane provided excellent interactive and in some instances entertaining content which members found helpful and informative.  Shane enjoys what he does and we will certainly be happy to invite him back to do another session in the future.

Sharon Gorman
Director of Business Development

The Association of International Accountants

Recently we had a great opportunity to have the learned speaker Mr. Shane Lukas as the webinar leader for ICMA Pakistan fellow and associate members across from the world particularly UK, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada  and Pakistan.

His enthusiasm and energy was very high throughout the session. His grip and control on the topic was of professional level. Relevant examples and case studies made the presentation very interesting and kept the audience well connected. ICMAP community and accountants from Pakistan would love to have more sessions like this with Shane. Thank you Shane, thank you AVN.

Muhammad Shahzad Khan, FCMA
ICMAP UK Branch Council

(Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan

I have had the pleasure of hearing Shane speak on several occasions recently and I have to say, I’m a fan!

He is inspiring to listen to and he has something to say – about how we should be running our businesses, how we should be treating our people, and how we should be using what we do to make a difference in the world.

His unassuming style, with a bit of fun thrown in, is refreshing in the world of ‘go-get-em’ presenting and that provides an excellent change of pace for an audience.

When are you speaking again, Shane – I want to get my tickets early!

Cate Caruth, Content Alchemist – Creative Words

Shane is an incredible speaker. He always delivers powerful insights that connect with the audience.

He’s got a great style: relaxed and comfortable, yet immediately engaging. Even when he is covering complex subjects, he
gets the message across so simply.

Unlike so many speakers, he doesn’t just entertain you, he inspires you to sit up and take action. If you’re looking for a
speaker that’s going to resonate, really hit home and make an impact, I recommend Shane Lukas every time.

Patrick McLoughlin, Managing Director – Accounting for Growth

I have had the pleasure of seeing Shane speak on a number of occasions to a variety of different audiences and he never fails to get the reaction he desires out of them. A wonderful balance of humour, pathos, energy and purpose, Shane uses a mix of latest technology to basic emotional connection in order to get his message across. I’ve seen audience members in tears and laughing out loud within the space of the same presentation.

Of course, the ability to move people is all very well but it is equally important that there is some decent content underlying it so that the audience members can take genuine action after the moment has passed and, once again, Shane does not disappoint. Facts, insights, different perspectives and step by step actions get weaved into the narrative so that those listening find that their brains are being exercised as well as their feelings.

Andrew Miller, Managing Director – Business Enjoyment

As a professional speaker Shane brilliantly combines world-class content with a down-to-earth speaking style. He never fails to impress with real-world proven practicality and outstandingly valuable takeaways.

He is the only speaker I have ever seen regularly reduce audiences of senior accountants to tears (deliberately and purposefully) with the profoundly important insights he has shared into the connection between their practices, their lives and their loved ones.

Steve Pipe FCA, Researcher, Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Author

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