Head First

Shane Lukas is taking part in the Nottingham Iron Level Triathlon, and our July donation has gone to Head First, the charity he is supporting.
Head first use the donations they receive to fund research into helping the brain recover and also, to make the lives of brain injury victims much better.
To help Shane raise more money for this amazing cause, please click here.
Here is Shane’s ‘why’.
“The brain, it is who we are, it’s our personality, our memories, our values and beliefs, our sense of humour, our love and affection. And yet, it’s so fragile.
A severe brain injury can affect someone physically and/or mentally. The brain controls our limbs and our vital organs, an athlete can be wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives from a brain injury, it can change the personality of a loved one. The personality we knew, ceases to be.
I wish I could do more to help victims of brain injury, my wife’s cousin was one of them, he was seriously injured when a driver ran a red light at a pelican crossing causing him to be severely mentally and physically handicapped.
The Iron Level Triathlon, known as the IronMan, is considered an extreme physical event starting with a swim of 2.4 miles followed by a cycle race of 112 miles and then a marathon run of 26.2 miles. To complete the Ironman is as much about mental fitness and attitude as is the physical requirements.
I welcome all donations to Head First as this will spur me on to the finish.”