Month: August 2018

Emma Slack

I trained in accountancy but developed the business consultancy and support "bug" when I saw how much more we could do to help business owners have real control over their business if we focussed more on how we could help them improve the key numbers rather than just reporting on the statutory accounts. In my [...]
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Shane Lukas

As AVN MD, I work with hundreds of accountants to help them overcome their challenges so that they, in turn, can help their clients do the same. I lead the amazing team of people at AVN, all of whom are as passionate as I am about helping and supporting our members. Through office visits and [...]
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Andrew Miller

I’m formerly an accountant, working for KPMG for over 16 years. I left at the beginning of 2011, since when I have worked exclusively as a business coach. At KPMG, I worked in insolvency, meaning that my day job was actually running businesses – of all shapes and sizes, from building oil rigs to making [...]
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