How to fix business overwhelm

By Jenny Lukas, AVN Practice Growth Expert

As a business owner it can be incredibly overwhelming just to keep everything running from day-to-day.

And after all the stresses we’ve had from Covid and lockdown, we now have another level of uncertainty with war in Ukraine, interest rates and energy prices rising and all other costs going up too. It’s very easy to let overwhelm just take over.

That actually happened to me last week. I got to the stage on Monday morning where there was just so much to do, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I was at that point where I started working on something from my to do list, but couldn’t concentrate on it because there was so much else going around in my head. So I ended up sitting there for hours procrastinating and getting nowhere.

How to fix business overwhelm

So how did I resolve the issue? The never ending to do list won’t go away (I’m always thinking of new things I want to try or changes that need making to the business), and to be honest I wouldn’t want it to. I thrive on being busy, and really enjoy the work that I do.

What I did was to take some time out and talk it over with someone outside the business. Someone who could look in and give me honest feedback on what he felt was most important, without all the emotion and the baggage that comes with being deeply involved in your own business. It really helped me to get my head straight and to refocus.

Things are tough for many people in business at the moment, without the added pressure of trying to develop and grow. But for me, the hard days (and straight talking from my coaches) really help to drive the changes I want to see happen.

Who can help you?

I have several people I can turn to, who help push and support me. Who do you have to help you do that? If you don’t have anyone at the moment, I highly recommend that you find that person (or people) who will be there for you.

If you’re an AVN member and you’re suffering from business overwhelm, your Practice Growth Expert is the ideal person to talk to. They have the outside perspective on your business that’s so vital, as well as an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. Their input in these situations is priceless.

If you aren’t a member, the AVN team is happy to have a 15 minute discovery call with you. These calls help you identify the issues in your business and we’ll offer recommendations to help you move forwards. Book a call here (we guarantee these aren’t sales calls, just an opportunity to explore your challenges) –