Positioning Award Winner 2018 – Grant-Jones

The Positioning Award – Truly differentiate yourself from your rival and attract better quality clients as a result 


Quick read…Grant-Jones set themselves apart by focussing on the future for their clients, and the future of societies around the world. They’ve gained a lot of attention this past year – and every bit of it has been well-earned. 

“Our philosophy in Grant-Jones is ‘show me the past and we will show you the future’” 

The Grant Jones team wholeheartedly believe in the value of historical data, and how it can lead to future growth and firm foundations. This belief runs through all that they do, providing them with purpose and focus – whether dealing with clients or prospects. The AVN ‘The Numbers’ tool fits naturally with this ethos, and serves as a tool that they use with their own clients’ numbers. Leading them through past performance, their position in the market and their plans for the future.  

“Our focus on the future is not just limited to the future of individual clients”. 

Grant-Jones looks far beyond the four walls of their office, to the ways in which they can improve the future of the world – providing their services to projects that contribute to the UN 17 Sustainability Goals. At the end of 2017, Grant-Jones earned the respected title of a B1G1 Business for Good.  

“The idea is simple”. 

B1G1 co-ordinate small donations from businesses worldwide, and channels them into 500 carefully screened projects that work towards the United Nations sustainable development goals. Every small donation, which might fund pens and books for children, or seeds and tools for farmers, are called ‘impacts’.  

Grant-Jones have entwined B1G1 with their own business. For every £1 they save their clients, they donate – a further way in which they stand out from the crowd. To date, they’ve made over 14,000 impacts – which means clean water for families, literacy for children and food for everyone.   

“In the early part of this year we went a step further by running a Get and Give a Million campaign”. 

Grant-Jones’s ‘Get and Give a Million’ was promoted with savvy marketing and PR, while the team created a free webinar and a free 90-minute meeting with the Grant-Jones team to identify potential savings.  

The campaign raised their local profile, while the social campaign drove awareness up, winning new clients as a result. Over on LinkedIn, the team continue to publish regular articles to over 1000 connections.  

“Our activities have also created new opportunities”. 

In March, Grant-Jones received a prestigious invitation to be part of the 2018 Parliamentary review. Their message? That accounting firms could and should do more for their clients and the wider world. So compelling were those 1000 words, that the editor-in-chief of the Review, told Grant-Jones that he’d never received such an inspiring submission for the magazine.  

And Grant-Jones didn’t stop there, either, as they have continued to impress in the press. Most recently, they’ve featured in a video interview series, produced by a local news hub, Collectively Camberley. 

“Our membership of AVN is pivotal to how we differentiate ourselves in the market. Through the tools and support provided, we are able to do more and go further in creating a better future for our clients and for the world”. 

Grant-Jones are a leading voice of authority in the accounting industry. They have and continue to grab headlines and do good – not only for their clients, but also for the world beyond. And that is why Grant-Jones are our 2018 positioning winner.